You Don't Know.


Chapter 1

You Don't Know

by: Lawli_pop
You don't know what I've been through.
You don't know what I've seen.
You don't know what has happened.
You don't know anything.

I tell you what's been going on
But you were never there
Wonder if I did something wrong
To make you never care.

To think of all the horrid things
Been happening to me
I cry out to you every day,
You're still hiding the key

You don't know who I am
You don't know who's with me
But you don't give a damn
You're living life carefree

Can't tell you what I've done
Can't tell you where I'll be
You wouldn't listen anyways,
You wouldn't believe me.

I'm locked up in these shackles
With no way to survive
All you can do is cackle
When I'm barely still alive.

My screams, you never hear them.
My shouts of tortured pain
Are all wasted for nothing
Excitement that you gain.

I swear I'm gonna loose it
Insanity is nigh
It doesn't matter anyways
I'm still going to die.

Can no one hear me screaming
Why won't they let me go
I'm loosing all my feeling
But You Don't Know.


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