Lover Saved BDB fanfiction

This is a Fanfiction about te Black Dagger brotherhood characters Butch and Vishous (V) enjoy!

Chapter 1

The introduction

Butch's p.o.v
Fury filled me as I watched the suspect disappear with Beth, such a waste. A heavy hand suddenly fell on my shoulder. Then a deep sexy voice asks" How'd like to join us for dinner?"
I turn around to see the sexiest man I have ever seen. Wow would ya get a look at those eyes, their like blue tinted diamonds surrounded by a ring of sapphires. The thought bounce around in my brain like a ping pong. Then another voice adds “How would you like to be dinner?” I turn to see that I'm surrounded by some of the largest me I have ever seen. I study them. The one on my far left looks the most normal. He has brown hair and blue eyes. The one next to him is like a male Rapunzel, with waist length hair of an amazing variety of colors in it. I wonder how much that cost to get done. Then was a super gorgeous blonde. Then... Holy Mary mother of God that scar is hardcore.... His eyes are so soulless, he is someone to watch out for, he seems like triple threat. These want to play fine let’s play.
“Do you boys ware all that leather to get off on each other like is it a D*ck thing with you ALL?"I ask.
Then get slammed into the wall behind me so fast i get whiplash. Blonde is up in my puss growling like I have never heard come out of a man before, it sent chills down my spine. Mr. Normal pulls him off me.
“Shut up... please" he says to me.
"What it's not my fault blonde can't keep his hands off me."
V's POV (kind of more of a 3rd person p.o.v but you will know his thought and feelings...)
Why does he look familiar? Where could I have possibly seen him before? V wonders.
As the scene before him continues to play out, V is yanked back into a vision from the past....
V was sitting in his usual place in the cave at his Fathers camp reading, when V hears a noise. V quickly and quietly put's the book down and under the furs hanging next to me. V stands to see what was up. When a male steps out of nowhere.
"Where did you come from? How did you get in here?" V asked in the old language.
The man smiles.
"It's a good thing that you taught me the Old Language or I would have never known what you just said Nallum ." The male replies also in the Old Language.
"Nallam? I'm not your Nallam! Who do you think you are? How the hell did you get in here!?!"
The male laughs it was an infectious laugh, V couldn't help but have the urge to smile.
"I'm your Hellren silly. Well.... at least I am in the future. See you haven't met me yet. The man laughs again. I should probably introduce myself, I'm Butch a.k.a The Destroyer, Descendent from the line of Wrath son of Wrath and Hellren to Vishous ... You (the male Butch points to V)... Son of the Bloodletter."
"Hellren? You're my Hellren? But we're both Males!"
Butch walks toward Vishous then, when he reaches me, He turns around and pulls up his shirt and show me, His name carved in his back in the old language.
V suddenly snaps back to the present to see Rhage sitting atop of Butch, choking him.
Pure rage flashes through him, V lunges forward. He grabbed Rhage by the back of the throat and rips him off of Butch.
Blinking Vishous, turns Back to Butch and says "we won't kill you, So stop antagonizing us, it isn't wise." V turns to Rhage," And you! Stop attacking him, Wrath wants him alive!"
“Are you insane!” Rhage yells. "I almost bit you V!"


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