Cucumber sawmill

Huh? o.o

Chapter 1


Welcome, oh welcome!
To the sawmill, to the sawmill
Cucumber sawmill!
Where we'll all get together
Together at the sawmill!
There comes Kenny, oh there comes Kenny
He's a cucumber but he's so fancy just like Lenin
He is your friend, invites you to dance
On the land of the cucumbers
By the sawmill, by the sawmill!
Where we all get together
Cucumbers, cucumbers
Little joyful people, they work
Like you have never seen!
By the sawmill...

Down the hill comes a shady man..
Who is he? We can't tell!
In the land of cucumbers
All our visitors are mysterious.
Can you see him, can you see?
No we can't! We're simply cucumbers in this land
We've got no eyes and no feet,
But we work like no one did!

By the sawmill, by the sawmill!
Where we'll all get together
As cucumbers, you're a cucumber,
We'll have fun forever!

You're the next one now to go
Down the sawmill,
To feed us all!
By the sawmill, near the sawmill
Where we once were together
By the sawmill, cucumbers
Tasty... little... vegetables.


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