I need your feedback please

Chapter 1

Around the Globe: Suicide Prevention

So, I was thinking about starting an organization called Around the Globe: Suicide Prevention.

What my team and I would do is travel around the world, and make speeches all over the world and bring activities to different places around the world to involve people and make people happy.

Also, we will offer things like therapy, first aid classes, suicide prevention classes, and some other things.

One thing we will do while traveling around the world is find people who are suicidal, and pair them up with a representative from my organization, and for a whole day, they will go and do whatever the victim wants to, and the victim won't have to pay anything, that's what the rep will do.

One reason why we will have this is to make people feel wanted, so they look forward to the future.

My motto will probably be, "To Live is to Prevent"

Please let me know what you think of my idea, and also if you have any ideas to help me out, please let me know.


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