Winter mourning (poem)

Hope you'll like it :3

Chapter 1


Oh why, oh why did you fall?
The cold has done another harm
Crying over your frozen body
Why winter?
Why did you leave me with nobody?
Nowhere to turn around
All the city is empty now...
I am following your signs but I'm lost
Just kill me already and let's end this fuss.

Oh why, oh why did snow ate their bodies?
They did no harm to anybody
I am looking down at the white ground,
My body slowly becomes numb,
Numb as I try to reach her...
Numb as I try to reach anyone else...
My heart is ceasing slowly
"Buddy we're done now I'm leaving"
And so did my heart stop.

Oh beautiful and merciless winter,
Look at what you have done
I am no longer and they are also gone...
You took everything away
An empty city, unpopulated again.

Wish I had a last glimpse of her,
But now I am dead...
Goodbye winter.


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