Don't Tell Mom

Warning: Boy x boy, rated M, creepypasta, lemon, Jeff x Liu
(Don't like, don't read.)

Jeff can't understand the feelings he gets when he thinks about Liu. It makes no sense, and he knows he should be disgusted with himself, but pushing away the thoughts that play in his mind is proving to be a very difficult task. Soon he won't be able to control himself. When insanity takes hold, will Jeff be able to hold back, or will Liu's life and innocence be on the line?

Chapter 1


by: Lawli_pop
Disclaimer: This is a creepypasta fanfiction. As sad as it is, I don't own any of these characters.

Jeffrey Woods stared down at his feet as he walked along the smooth sidewalk. The sights and sounds around him were ignored. Loud music blasted in his ears through the white earbuds connected to an ipod in his pocket.

What's wrong with me?? This is disgusting! I can't fall for a boy, none the less my brother! Why the hell can't I stop thinking about him then?

Jeff's thoughts screamed in his mind almost as loud as the music.

Suddenly the earbuds were yanked away. Jeff quickly looked up to see the exact person who he did not want to see at the moment. The same boy who'd been haunting his thoughts for the last year or so.

"Jeff, are you listening?" Liu crossed his arms.

Jeff looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry...." He apologised to his brother. "I didn't know you were talking to me."

"Who else would I be talking to? Seriously, don't turn your music up that loud." Liu fell back in step beside him. "Is something wrong, Jeff? You've been really quiet lately."

"It's nothing." Jeff answered instantly. "Randy's just really getting on my nervs.... I swear I'll kill that bàstard...." Lying was not something he normally did, but in this case, he really had no other choice. Telling the truth would be suicide.

"Oh...... Well if that's all, you don't need to be so silent around me all the time. He's a jerk, but I wouldn't let him put up a wall between you and me."

"You're right..... I'm sorry... What was it you wanted to say earlier?"

"It doesn't matter. I can't remember now anyways." Liu sighed. He wondered if that was all that was truly going through his brother's head. Maybe there was something he didn't know about?

After arriving home, the two boys greeted their parents before going off into their separate rooms.

Jeff walked through the doorway of his bedroom and softly closed the door behind him.

Try as he might, the thoughts of his brother's beautiful, innocent face wouldn't leave his mind. Soon Jeff gave up trying to fight them off, and dirty fantasies began playing in his head.

He began wondering what Liu would look like beneath him, naked and screaming. Such entertainments quickly filled Jeff's mind, and he soon found that this resulted in a huge hard-on.

"Dammit..." Jeff cursed under his breath. Now what? He couldn't just ignore it. Besides if he didn't get rid of this growing problem soon, it would never go away and Liu would be sure to notice.

Jeff walked over to the computer chair at his desk, turning it around before sitting down and unzipping his now tight jeans, recalling that they had been rather loose when he had put them on earlier.

He reached down hand pulled out his hard member, quickly taking a hand to it. As his hand slid up and down, the entertaining thiughts raced through his mind. Jeff moaned softly as the pleasure began to build up. He sped up his pace and moaned louder, glad that his parents were downstairs and out of earshot, but forgetting that his brother's room was rught beside his own.

The heated friction between his hand and his length was nearly bringing him over the edge when he heard a familliar voice outside his door.

"Jeff?" Liu asked, turning the doorknob. "Are you alrigh-..............."

Jeff's head snapped up from what he was doing to meet the surprised, bright red face of his brother.

Oh shìt...

"Jeff, wh..... What the fùck are you doing?"

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