Artist Problems

Some of these are from experience, some I found online. Either way, if you're an artist like me, or simply enjoy art, you may find this amusing.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

1. Feeling as though you'll never impress your art instructor.

2. First chance to sleep all week, then suddenly you have inspiration.

3. Running out of fingers to smudge with.

4. Having literally no fear of X-acto knives, but squealing at the thought of a paper cut.

5. Trying to draw the other eye.

6. Saving a bunch of references on your computer, but being too lazy to look at them later.

7. When people say you'll end up broke and homeless.

8. Trying to create your own distinctive style.

9. People thinking your kneaded eraser is an old blob of gum, and worse, that you're playing with it.

10. Taking up a new medium and having to buy a ton of new supplies.

11. Wanting everything from the supply store.

12. Finishing a piece that you hate, but everyone else loves it.

13. Taking a break from your picture to eat and losing all your creative abilities in the meantime.

14. "Can you draw meeeee??"

15. The best drawing of your life occurs on lined paper.


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