2016 Joke Contest

It is time for my annual contest. This year is going to be a joke contest. The rules are in chapter one. To sign up, comment in the comments.

Chapter 1

Rules and Info

First off, I would prefer that the joke is original, but it is hard to come up with an original joke, so the joke does not have to be original, just try to pick a joke that you think everyone would like.

If the joke is not original, you must cite the source you got it from. For example, if you got it from the internet, you have to put at the bottom of your joke that you got it from the internet; this time, you don't have to put the website you got it on, or the magazine, or where ever. The only thing you will have to put are the following: Magazine, internet, book, or where ever you got it from.

Sign ups will start right away. You will have one day to enter a joke, hopefully you will enter within the hour I send it.

Sign ups will stop October 30, 2016. Voting will begin then and will go until November 20, 2016. I will hopefully post the winner within that week.

The jokes you post must not be offensive to anyone, including offensive towards gender, religion, etc.

And the joke can be as long as you like, or as short. It can be a punch line, a blonde joke, a red neck joke, a Chuck Norris Fact, a pun, or anything else.


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