Mob of the Dead

Mob of the Dead

Sal, Finn, Billy and Weasel are apart of a mobster gang and they aren't seeing eye-to-eye. When their Escape from Alcatraz plan goes out the window and a nightmarish world of zombies unveils itself, they will have to put aside differences and battle to the roof and the plane to freedom, but someone is holding back secrets that are the key to Life and Death.

~Treyarch owns Call of Duty & CoD Zombies~

Chapter 3

The Wardens' Key

The door swung out of the way and the four mobsters shot out onto the stairway quicker than lightning. They ran along the catwalk and stopped at the stairs, the way barred by locked door. They were trapped. Sal looked at the ground, before jumping down with hardly any pain inflicted. The others followed quickly.

“This is not good” Finn rasped in his Irish-American accent. “We’ll be trapped like fish in a barrel!”

They group rounded a corner, hoping to hide a little and easily kill the advancing zombies… so long as they line up to turn the corner. Billy stayed close by the corner, checking for any unwanted company, while Sal vocalised ideas on where they had to go next with Finn and, sometimes, Weasel. Seeing as his voice was being ignored, Weasel decided to lean back and let the older men decide their fates. Using his hand to find the wall, Weasel became aware of an odd feeling slowly creeping up from his arm as his weight fell into position to lean.
At the last minute before his hand touched its’ place, he took a look to see his hand about to land squarely on an active electric box and it was too late to stop his fall. With a shriek of regret, the box exploded at his touch, frying him head to toe. Finn, Billy and Sal jumped and looked to see Weasels’ body on the ground, a light smoke rising from him. As they watched in stunned silence, Weasel slowly got up and sat, staring dead ahead under the electric box, a ghostly white-blue fog surrounding his chest.
As they stared at the body, a slightly blurred shape appeared in the corner of their eyes, just away from Weasels’ body. It was obvious it was Albert, but still creepy. The semi-invisible shape seemed uncertain as it floated about, looking around. It stood before Sal, questioningly.

“Don’t look at me” he scowled. “Find something to do or get into your own body!”

The Ghost shrugged and floated away around the corner, where it vanished through a wall. Billy laughed, much to the older mens’ confusion. Suddenly, lightning flew from the roof and a key was lowered down into the corridor. A zombie, who had been quietly shuffling up on Billy, stopped to stare at the golden shine of the object, before a zap of lightning made it disappear. Billy snatched up the golden key and pocketed it, hardly noticing.

“What is it?” he shouted.
[Wardens’ Key] came a warped voice. [It’s only ever in one of two places!]
“That will be useful to get into places!” Sal nodded approval. “How did you know that?”
[I saw it up there while floatin’ around like this.]
“Well, I’ll be” Sal looked over at the electric box.

Finding nothing else to do while a Ghost, Weasel shocked himself back to life and followed the others down into the laundry and shower. The place was creepy and horrific: bodies hung from the roof, old blood pooled all around. Finn gulped a little as they passed them, wondering why this was happening and if they could escape. Sal opened the locked door to the washing machine and stared at the words scrawled on the wall beyond: You can wash away the dirt, but not the stains of what you have done. Weasel was astonished by the words, staring as the others figured out what to do.

“My writing, but--”
“You don’t remember writin’ it?” Finn cut in, looking at him. “Yeah, I know.”
“Billy?” Sal turned to the youngest man. “Go turn on the power.”
Billy looked uncertain for a minute. “Who’s gonna look after me while I am?”
“I’ll go” Finn offered.

Billy shrugged, before going into the showers to find the electric box, Finn in tow. Sal and Weasel stayed by the doors, looking out for the undead. Like clockwork, the horde of dead men came, through window and doorway, with and without warning. Sal and Weasel fired and rebuilt as best able, while Billy got the washing machine going and Finn cared for his body.
The dead army shrieked and growled, advancing upon them with angry red eyes and hunger etching every rotten feature. Suddenly, it came to Finn that he was cornered with Billys’ body, no way for either to escape. Billy, impatient as ever, shoved the closest zombie and made it vanish in a burst of purple dust and electricity.

[Oh yeah!] his voice called, full of joy. [I forgot that!]

With a mocking laugh, the young man was firing electricity all over the zombie horde, freeing Finn and his body from their hungry mouths a while longer. Billy quickly jumped into his body and the duo blast their way to the laundry room, just in time to save Weasel and Sal from a bite. Turning the washing machine on, Finn watched it with a pleading look, like he’d worn to the races when a bet he’d placed was rather huge.
Finally, like a miracle, the zombies lessened and the machine finished its’ cycle. Finn snatched the ragged clothes from the machine and the team fled back upstairs, heading for the Wardens’ Office. Sal bust the cage door so they could proceed, but the Wardens’ door was electronically locked from within. The team gave a sigh of mixed emotion as it became evidently clear that one of them would have to go to the Other Side and knock it out.

“I’ll go” Finn said, turning to the electric box. “It don’t hurt, right?”
“Nah” Billy grinned with a shrug. “Not for long, anyway!”

There was a moment of stunned hesitation and staring, before Finn once again turned to the box and touched it, dying most shockingly. Finns’ body sat in the fog, dead stare haunting, as his soul drifted about in search of the electrics. Weasel nervously peeked around the corner and spied zombies lumbering towards them. He ducked back, took a breath to steady himself, before reloading and aiming at the zombies, perfectly executing a headshot to the nearest one. The zombies either side of it shrunk back, then glared at the man, before shrieking and charging at full speed. For a single moment, Arlington felt nothing as his finger pulled down on the trigger, stopping one zombie, and the other launched and latched onto his arm.
Weasel was pinned to the ground, using the Olympia as a shield as the zombie tried biting and scratching at him. Hearing a shriek and a loud thud, Sal spun in time to see the scene and managed to pop a cap in the zombies head, off the cuff. Billy was excited to see Sal do such a thing.

“Wow, Sal!” he cried. “You’ve still got it!”
“Yeah, yeah” he waved a hand, smiling. “It was nothin’!”

Weasel slowly sat up, looking at them with wonder. Did you notice how the others just seem to roll with it? He thought to himself, getting slowly to his feet. He shook the thought away and followed them inside the empty office. Bloody words were written on the wall and floor, offering its’ grim advice to those who looked. Weasel didn’t look, already knowing and growing worried more and more as his words came to haunt them. Why were they there? What was the point? He couldn’t remember.
Upon entering the room, it was clear where the Wardens’ ‘true’ office was -to the right of the entry- but getting in was another matter. Billy extended a hand and touched the handle, only to be pushed backwards by electric shock. A quick examination confirmed the door was electrified and in no hurry to stop sparking, much to their dismay. Looking through the bars, they saw a piece for the plan atop the roof.

“We gotta fry the electrics” Billy snorted.
“How?” Weasel looked at him.
“There’s gotta be something powering it, right?” Billy wheeled around to him. “We’ll go Ghost and destroy it!”
“Damn!” Sals’ voice broke in. “It looks like a coffin!”

Turning to face behind them, they saw Sal standing in the doorway to the next room, stunned. Quickly, the threemen scooted over and stood beside him to stare at what he was seeing: a metal box floating on air as red flames raged around it and under it. The box had two question marks on its’ lid, reflections of each other. The box was a complete mystery to the men, except Weasel, whose face broke into a bright smile of glee.

“I know what it is!” he cried, dashing to it. “It’s like a slot machine!”
“A what?!” Finn gave a funny look.
“A slot machine” Albert persisted. “You know: insert a coin, pull the lever, get somethin’!”

Seeing that none of the others believed his words, Albert touched the lid of the box and it began an innocent tune. When the tune finished, the lid burst open and a gun floated out: an offering to the man who had called for it. Albert Arlington was not one to shy from an un-refusable offer, so he snatched it up and looked over his shoulder at his even more stunned colleagues.
Suddenly, stun turned to greed and the small man was shoved roughly out of the way as Sal, Finn and Billy tried to get to the box first. Weasel watched in silence for a while, his face closed of emotion, before he looked around the office to see they had visitors peeling off the wood planks. With a puff of air, he quickly darted between the rooms, keeping the undead at bay, while his companions bickered and bought at the box.
So hurried and busy was Arlington, he ran headlong into a zombie trio, who had little trouble throwing him to the ground and killing him. Once dead on the ground, Weasels soul reappeared outside the office, the zombies moved on to get the other three and they fired the arsenal of guns they had collected. Weasel sighed and tried to get back to his body, but their were too many zombies blocking his way. Getting annoyed, Albert shock electricity at them, getting rid of them, but it became rather frightening to see them reappear behind the trio by the box.

“Stop!” Finn shouted. “They’re comin’ up from behind us now!”
[I can’t help that] Weasel shouted back. [I can’t get back into my body!]
“Oh, for fcvks’ sake!”

Billy ploughed into the zombies blocking the way to Weasels’ body, while Sal and Finn covered him. Quick as a flick, Billy pulled out a Adrenalin needle and stuck it into Weasel. There was a spark of purple and blue electricity, before Weasel was back in his body and on his feet again. It had been an odd experience being sucked back into your body by no will of your own, much like liquid up a straw. Albert shuddered at the thought, then wondered how Billy had come across the needle. Billy was wondering the same and how it had gotten into his pocket.

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