OHSHC: Yanderes in Wonderland

Hey guys! This is a group story fanfiction written by Leo (Lawli_pop) and Megan (ManyLettersToYou)! Ouran High School Host Club yandere!! A few OCs and a little OOC, Fluffy, with both straight and yaoi. Please R&R! Rated: M
Disclaimer: We do not own OHSHC or any of the characters.
And FYI, this has alot of Honey-senpai's dark side.
And the TWINS! We ALL love the twins! TY ppl!

Chapter 1

Yandere Surprise

by: Lawli_pop
Honey stared at the black-haired girl seated in front of him. He knew he should be paying more attention during class but he didn't care. His mind was on... other things.
The bell rang and he quickly picked up his school books and followed the girl out the door.
"Hey, Megan-chan!" He called, breathlessly catching up somewhere down the hallway.
Megan turned and glared at the adorable blonde.
"What?" She asked, crossing her arms in annoyance.
"Do you wanna go get some cake with me?" Honey asked in the cutest voice he could manage.
"Ew." She rolled her eyes. "I hate cake." Megan then marched away, with a very sad looking Honey behind her.
Well... That didn't work.
Aparently, unlike all the other Host Club guests, Megan just wasn't into Honey-senpai's cute side. The act had no effect on her whatsoever.
Honey balled his fists and smirked. If that didn't work... He knew what would.
Megan had never really been nice to him. She had picked on and bullied him since middle school. The girl was super popular and was always hanging out with the "bad boys". Thats the kind of guy she liked.
Honey knew he was "bad" too... Just not in the same way.
He was a yandere. Honey had an obsessive love for Megan and now knew he would do anything to get it.
He would kill to get it.
Megan's current boyfriend was a guy named Ion.
Ion had "sexy" written all over him. He had messy brown hair and wore a light brown tight leather jacket. His black t-shirt had the name of a band spattered across the front in red, and his black jeans were all ripped up.
Yep. He would be the first to go. Then Megan was all his. Honey didn't care what he had to do. He was in love with her and no one else could stand in his way.
Ion stood against the lockers with his arms and legs crossed. He stared with bored, half-lidded eyes out a giant window.
Honey gazed at him from around a corner. He wrinkled his face at the boy's attire. Ion never wore a school uniform. Part of the whole "rebel" thing. He got in trouble for it every day, but that didn't stop him. Honey was surprised that he hadn't been expelled long ago. Maybe it was because his parents were super rich. Who knows.
Ion usually stayed late after everyone had gone home. Honey wasn't sure why. He never saw him or Megan after school. Except when he was getting some things from his locker before leaving. He would always find Ion here. Just standing against the locker doors... God knows why...
So Honey knew he would find him here again. Completely alone. No one else around. No one hear to hear him screaming...
Honey stepped out into the almost empty hallway, the knife in his hand hidden behind his back.
Ion glanced up at him, an uncaring expression on his face.
"Why is Ion-chan here when everyone else is gone?" Honey asked innocently.
Ion rolled his eyes and shrugged. "Still talk like a baby, huh? Who cares? Get the fùck away from me, stupid freak."
Honey was about a foot away from his target.
"I'll have you know, I am no freak. And you don't belong here." Honey said, his voice suddenly changing.
"I know the rules, but do you think I care?? And what's with the voice? You sound like a normal teenage guy. Are you really Honey?" He laughed.
"I didn't mean the rules..." Honey took a step closer to a now very nervous Ion. "You don't belong at this school. You don't belong with Megan. You don't belong on the earth!" Honey's voice raused a notch, causing Ion's eyes to widen.
"Dude, listen. I don't mean nothin'. I'm just here cuz-"
"I don't care." Honey groweled, his own face about an inch away from Ion's. He looked down as the scared boy. "I'm going to fix all that so it won't matter anymore." He smirked.
"Wait- What??" Ion said worredly. "Wh-What do you mean??"
Suddenly, Honey whipped out the knife and drove it into Ion's side. The brunette yelled in pain and colapsed on the ground.
Honey's smile grew wider and he kicked Ion hard, probably breaking one or two ribs in the process.
Ion's groans and whimpers echoed through the hall as Honey repeatedly kicked him. It didn't matter though. No one could help him.
The blonde psyco sliced through Ion's skin with the cold blade, leaving dark red trails on his neck and arms.
Ion gave up screaming and yelling as he strughled to breathe.
Honey was about to relieve the boy of his horrible misery when he heard footsteps round the cirner of the hallway.
A loud gasp froze his every move. Honey whipped around to stare at his surprised guest.
Megan stood about four feet away, staring in horror at the now dead boy on the ground and at Honey's blood-stained hands.
"H-Honey-s-senpai..." She managed. A pool of crimson surrounded Ion, who was lying on the floor with blood matting his brown hair and ruining his clothing and perfectly pale skin.
"Wh...Why...Why did you d-do this?..." She asked, the color having long since drained from her face.
Honey smiled and walked towards her until she was pressed up against the wall.
"Why are you here?" He asked roughly.
Then he realzed why he never saw Ion or Megan after school. They BOTH met up here.
Honey quickly reached up and pinned her wrists against the wall.
Megan struggled against him, but he was alot stronger than she had thought. Boy had she been fooled.
A tear fell down her face. Her eyes were bright and wide with fear and disgust... But also alot of energy.
The thought of Ion being murdered was a tragedy in and of itself. But seeing Honey with his blood on his innocent hands was surprising and very unexpected. Why he had done it was not anything she was aware of. Ion's warm blood trickled down her arms from Honey's hands.
Megan was terrified. But for some reason... This excited her.
"Honey.... Why did y-you do th-this?" She stuttered.
Honey's crazed eyes and mad grin softened slightly when he answered.
"Because I love you."
Megan's eyes couldn't possibly get any wider. She'd always had a thing for yanderes... That explained the exciement.
Megan opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly found Honey's soft lips locked on her own.
This was all happening so fast. She didn't know what to think. To her own surprise, Megan found herself giving in to the passionate kiss.

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