RvB: Baby-Sitting in Blood Gulch

RvB: Baby-Sitting in Blood Gulch

Two forts in the middle of a box canyon with teams that lack in brains, but make up for it in heart, the Reds and Blues find themselves once again under alien attack, but what is it now?
A few crying kids later and the answer is clear: The Reds and Blues have been transformed into children and all that can help them is Caboose and Sarge.

This is a fanfic. Character and originals belong to RoosterTeeth. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Typical Normal

Washington took a deep breath of air, preparing himself for the obstacle course before him. Don't mess it up he repeated in his head, eyeing each section of the course, studying the route and the quickest way past. This will be easy~ A whistle blew and he raced off the mark, quickly diving into the first part of the course: The Swinging Maces.
His grey armour barely touched any spikes or metal balls as he gracefully dove and ducked through, gaining admiration and jealousy from his teammates. Tucker was first to vocal that.

"Man, can he get nothing wrong?!"
"I'm sure he will" Church sniggered. "It's way too hard to breeze through!"
Caboose tilted his head, eyes never leaving the course. "I don't know... Agent Washington doesn't look like he's farting!"

Church and Tucker rolled their eyes and ignored their fellow Blue member, focusing back on Wash as he made for the third section of the course, much to their astonishment. The grey and yellow armour-clad figure was a streak of grey lightning as he smashed the courses' record speeds.
From afar on a ridge, Red Team sat and watched with mixed emotions of boredom, astonishment, curiousity and, oddly enough, pride. Sarge stroked his chin in thought, thoughts wandering around his head about various things, most of which revolved around killing his fellow, orange teammate, Grif, who was snoring as he sat against the canyon wall.

"Lazy jack-ss" he growled, side glancing him with contempt. "I'd swap 'im any day for one of those goddamn Blues!"
"Would you, sir?" a maroon solider asked, jotting down things on his notepad. "I mean, you've always hated the Blue Team--"
"Of course I do, Simmons!" Sarge shouted, startling the rest of Red Team. "I hate them as much as I hate Grif!"
"Great to know" Grif snorted, settling back to nap.

Before Sarge could react as usual, a whistle sounded from the course. Everyone, Red and Blue, stared in awe as Washington passed the finish line at top speed, breaking the record and sending off the fireworks of victory. Inside his helmet, he smiled like it was his very last.



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