Spoiled Bratt

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SUP!I had a genious idea for a fanfic just fifteen minutes ago so here it is!!! If enough ppl like it, this will be a multi-chapter fanfiction.
It does involve yaoi (If you know me you'd already know that tbh XD) But for my more innocent minded readers, there shall be no lemon. makes sad face
But! This will be a great story so I hope you like!!
L x Light Alternate Universe type thing
L and Light are married. Kids are (Oldest to youngest) BB, Mello, Matt and Near.

Chapter 1

Change of Plans

by: Lawli_pop
L paced the floor nervously in the waiting room.
Nine year old Mello was asleep in a chair next to Matt, who was also nine, on his PSP. It was three o'clock in the morning and they were all tired.
Beyond sat beside Matt in a half-asleep state. He was thirteen. His jar of strawberry jam was now empty and he was extremely bored. B's red eyes romed the hospital waiting room before landing on L, who appeared to be in a state of distress.
"Um... What are you doing?" He finally asked, breaking the deafening silence.
L stopped pacing and looked up at the bored teenager.
"I happen to be pacing the floor." He said in a monotone voice.
"Thank you, captain obvious." BB replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "Why exactly are you pacing?"
Then the door burst open and a confused-looking nurse came in.
She shook her head. "I don't get how any of this is possible, Ryuuzaki-san." She sighed. "It's a boy. Congratulations on your fourth... miracle."
L's face instantly brightened.
"How is Light-kun? May I go in?" He asked hurredly.
She nodded and L practically flew past her through the doors and into Light's hospital room.
Light looked over at the all-too-pleased and slightly worried L.
He looked.... Tired. Light, I mean. L looked tired as well, but Light, surprisingly, even more so. Light had refused to let the nurses put a hospital gown on him, so the top half of him was smooth, thin, bare and... beautiful. While the other half was covered by a blanket.
In his arms the brunette held a small baby boy with a full head of white, curly hair and soft, pale skin.
L walked over to the two.
"Hey, Ryuuzaki. What should his name be? He is a small and beautifully delicate albino boy, so I figured maybe something different." Light looked thoughtful for a moment.
L suggested the first name that came to mind.
Five years later....
Mello glared at the albino in the center of the room playing with his toys.
He had so many of them. Toys. Everywhere.
L and Light really did spoil the little bratt. At least, this was what went through Mello's mind. Matt and Beyond felt the same way. Matt played with Near sometimes, but he soon found that it got rather boring and went back to his videogames. Beyond.... Well, BB didn't have many good thngs to say about anyone- but Near was especially victim to his criticism. Near was the youngest. And so he got more attention.
Mello didn't understand how someone could love a boy who was so fúcking emotionless. The guy was like a freaking statue. Hit him, and the only reaction you'll get is a blank stare. Talk to him.... One word answers. One sentence at most.
Mello was infuriated.
He snaped off annother bite of chocolate.
Near continued playing with his action figures and train sets, not really caring that the angry blonde was watching him.
Light walked into the room and noticed Mello's mood. He was an awfully emotional teen.
"Hey Mello. What's up?" He walked over to him.
"The sky." Mello groweled.
"Duh." Matt commented from across the room. Beeps and buzzing noises sounded from the gameboy in his hands.
"What did he do this time?" Light cocked an eyebrow.
"To be honest..." Mello stood up quickly to face Light and shouted in his face. "I FÚCKING CAN'T STAND THAT STUPID EMOTIONLESS ÁSSHOLE!!" He stormed off into his room and slammed the door behind him.
"Near was tired of Mello blowing up at him about little things, so he hid his chocolate from him. He won't tell Mello where it is no matter how many times he asks." Beyond Birthday laughed as he entered the room.
Light walked over to him. "And you know where it is?" He asked.
"Yep." Beyond grinned madly. "But I'll never say."
Light smirked and walked over to kneel down to Near's level.
"So you hid Mello's chocolate again."
A slight smile could barely be seen flash across Nears lips as he nodded. "Actually..." He began. "I also replaced it with white chocolate."
Light then burst into laughter, knowing how much Mello hated white chocolate.
"Yeah, Near." BB laughed. "You really shouldn't screw with your brother. That's called incest, and is commonly frowned upon in most societies." He joked, earning a groan from Mello and a chuckle from Matt.
"Hold on a sec," Matt said, thinking of some random thought. "How old are you?" He asked Light.
"32." The surprisingly young Light replied.
"Does that mean that Dad screwed you when you were fourteen?? MY age??" Matt questioned.
"Uh..." Light turned a light shade of pink.
He had to have had Beyond when he was fourteen. Beyond was now eighteen and he was still only 32.
"Yep. And they were MY age when they had YOU and MELLS." Beyond pointed at the gamer. "Also, Light didn't have me, it was L." B corrected.
"Ohh...." Matt realized. "So YOU fúcked L." He said to Light, who was now a deep crimson.
"Could we perhaps, change the subject?" Light suggested eagerly.
"Yes, Lets." L walked into the room in his usual slouched way and sat down in a chair across from Light in his odd manner with his feet pulled up beneath him.
"Light-kun, I need to speak with you for a minute. It's about the Kira case." He said.
"Alright. Near is already dressed for bed, I suggest the rest of you do the same." Light motioned for the others to leave.
Matt closed the door of the room he shared with Mello after having recovered from tripping over the last step on the way upstairs.
Mello was nibbling on the last of the chocolate bar that he had earlier. Matt knew that if he didn't get more chocolate soon, he was going to loose it.
"Near is so spoiled. I don't get why he does this."
"Maybe because it's funny?"
"Shut up, Matt. The toys he has now didn't cost him a thing. He takes them for granted. I wonder how he'd feel if we took away his favorite?" Mello asked. It was easy to see that he had been devising a plan of revenge.
"Or if.... HE became a toy...."
"Mello...." Matt set down his gameboy. "You're not thinking what I think you are...."
"I was originally going to get Beyond to break all his toys... But the damn spoiled bratt deserves more than that. I think maybe he needs a little quality playtime... B and I can certainly do just that. And you, my friend can help. Tell BB... There's been a change of plans." An evil smirk decorated Mello's handsome face as he stared out the window, planning exactly what was to hapen in the next few days.
Matt wasn't sure what to do. These were his own brothers... He had mixed feelings about the whole thing.
But then again, he would do anything for Mello.

Meanwhile, Near sat in his room playing with a train set. He placed another puzzle piece on a board before wondering aloud a thought that had been on his mind all day.
"I wonder who switched Mello's chocolate?"

AU/ PLZZZZ COMMENT!!! It would make me soooo happy :D
Lemme know if u like it so far and any suggestions are welcome!

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