First Two Days at Disney Were Amazing! Still got 8 more to go! (If you want to skip to the sweet, disney happiness, just read the last paragraph)

Chapter 1

I'm so happy we changed our last day at Daytona Beach to the Animal Kingdom

Oh my gosh, I never ever want to come home! This place is like heaven on earth; I don't even think we've watched any news (minus a few Olympic updates!) since we left on Friday, but in all seriousness nothing could ruin my happiness right now!

So on Friday, all 3 of us split the driving from northern VA to Savannah Georgia, and while we stopped at some pretty sketchy places (like a gas station-liquor store down the block from a prison!) the drive down went better than expected! We even had dinner at a Sushi restaurant that was absolutely the best sushi I've ever had, and got ice cream next door which had this wonderful grasshopper shake we all split. Apparently, grasshopper shakes are peppermint with Oreo crumbles :D our overnight hotel even had a pool and free breakfast, and when they found out it was Jordan and Daryl's 3rd anniversary, they gave us a discount on the room!

Daytona beach was pretty fun, we boogie boarded almost all day on Saturday and Sunday, and played mini golf after dinner both nights. Don't ask me how this happened, but on the 1st time playing Jordan got a hole in one, and the next night he got two in a row! Daryl and I just kinda stared in disbelief with our jaws on the ground. Neither of us got holes in one. On Sunday we stopped in and saw Daryl's sister's family, his stepbrother and his family and some of his aunts and uncles. They took us to this amazing restraint called stone fire... I think that's what it's called... And I had the best time! It felt weird for Jordan and I, being of a different race than most of Jordan's family but I still had a great night!

Monday we left early and got to the Port Orleans French Quarter hotel say 10am and were at the animal kingdom say 11:30. We all started with the safari and then Daryl and I did expedition Everest! Jordan chickened out. I can't believe I did it, because I'm not normally a thrill seeker and Daryl hadn't ever been on it. Honestly, I really liked it! Even though when we got off I felt dizzy and needed to sit down and sip water for a minute! Anyways, Jordan ended up getting his turn and doing the Primevil Whirl with me afterwards. Dinner at the rainforest is always one of my favorites. It's kinda tradition we do it the first night. We used to have one about an hour from us, so for birthdays and special occasions we'd all go to the rainforest. Then when I was 5 it closed down, so now we can only go once a year and that's at Disney World. Uncle Jordan, Daryl and I got a special chocolate volcano dessert because it was their anniversary, and Because I was wearing my "I'm celebrating" pin with "published writer" written on it, I also got a special sparkler put on it.

Yesterday we did Epcot and had dinner at the garden grill. Chip, Dale, Mickey, and Pluto all came to the table and we had the best time! It rained almost all day yesterday, but I didn't care, because we still did nearly every ride we wanted to. We managed to hit test track before it started! Anyways, we had tried to do the new Frozen Ride in Norway, we got there right as soon as the world showcase opened at 11, and there was already an hour and 15 minute wait... Needless to say, we'll try again next time we're Epcot.

Before I leave you all to go back to your wonderful lives, I just have to share this. Outside of test track, there's a place to play games and check out cars of the future. Last year I met these two great test track engineers Jeremy and Clarissa who did the college program. I also want to do the Disney College Program, so I really loved talking with them and having people who were also Disney and engineering dorks. Truth be told, I had a huge crush on Jeremy so I wrote him a poem and had Clarissa give it to him on the last day before we left last year. He still has it in his office, and they still talk about me "the sweet, smart girl!" I can't believe they remembered me, and Jeremy even remembered my name! I'll see him again hopefully because we're doing Epcot 2 more times before leaving.


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