The Story of Us


Chapter 1


Alana Pov

I woke up to alot of noises going on outside as I mentally groaned. I pulled my blanket over my head as I sighed wanting the noise to stopped but it didn't.

I frowned as I sat up and walked over to my window seeing what the noise was about seeing three moving trucks and people laughing as I sighed.

I wanted to sleep. It was the weekend and I was exhausted. Why were they making so much noise. Didn't they know they had neighbors.

I sighed as I shook my head and took a breath. I ran a hand through my hair as I closed my window and sighed. I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth as I heard the bell go off.

I frowned as I looked in the mirror seeing my purple eyes and long wavy hair that went to the middle of my back. I had on a tank top and some little shorts.

I sighed as I walked out the bathroom and out my room going downstairs to see my mom had answered the door.

I looked at her as she looked back at me and smile. She gestured for me to come to her.

I walked over to the door seeing a 2 ladies and 4 boys. I stared as they all stared at me.

"This is one of my daughters Alana, She will be happy to show you guys to the store" mom smile as I looked at her.

"Excuse me" i frowned looking at her as she gave me a look.

"Lana be nice" Mom told me giving me a look.

"Ma, its not even 10am yet. I'm tired" I whined as she stared at me.

"Go get your sister" She frowned as I walked off smiling. I went to my sister room and walked right in.

"Ma wants you" I told her walking out her room and going to my room. I grabbed clothes for the day and went to the bathroom and showered.

My name was Alana Jones and I'm 15 years old. I was the star basketball player, track star and gymnastics player.

I was always busy and tired.

I wanted to rest and sleep the day away since I didn't have any practice or anything. I was out alot and was closed to my sister when i needed her.

I hated relationships. I never been in a real relationship. I was more so the tom boy type and was seen as one of the guys.

I was mostly around the guys anyways. But I didn't mind. I didn't get along with alot of females since I was more intot sports than makeup.

I always had on a tank top and basketball sports. I would rather be comfortable than nice looking.

I went back downstairs seeing my sister talking to my mom and those people who were at the door.

I looked at them as I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a bottle water. I walked out the kitchen to the door and looked at them.

"I'm about to go" i told them as I looked at the guys that were talking to my sister. I notice one guys were really really attractive. I looked at him with his hazel eyes and tan skinned and dark hair.

I notice he was in a tank top and basketball shorts. I looked at my sister curious.

"What are you about to do" I asked my twin as I looked at the attractive guy.

I looked at the guys as I looked back over at my sister wondering who the guy was.

Kamar Pov

I sighed as we moved to a new side of town and we were moving some of the boxes. My cousins had got a house across the street from us which was nice knowing we could hangout and still go to the same school together.

Anyways my mom and cousins mom wanted to meet some of the neighbors and wanted us to go with. So we were taking a break when I saw the cutest girl ever as I stared at her and her mom told her to get her sister.

I sighed as the girl came back but was in a different pair of clothes. I stared at her as I heard my mom say a different name. I thought it was Alana.

I looked confused as to why the girl had two different names. But then I realize she was a twin and the other girl with the purple eyes name was Alana.

I watched as she talked to her sister but kept looking at me. I knew I was attractive. I was very athletic. I stared at the girl and knew she was too by the way her body was tight.

"Mar, your looking a little too hard" Corey my cousin joke as I glared at him.

"Shut up" I muttered as he chuckle.

"I'm surprised you didn't make a move on her" Joey told me as I knew they were right.

If I saw something attractive I would make a move right then and there. I was very bold like that.

I was 16 years old and I did basketball, football, and track. I was a star player. Also with this move a good thing was we wasn't switching schools since me and my brother both had our own car.

So we weren't going to the school in the neighborhood which I was happy about. I didn't want to have to start over.

I was a ladies man but every week I had a new girlfriend. I went through girls like it was nothing. And nobody had a problem dating me even if it was for just a week.

I looked at the girls knowing I had to have one of them. But Alana with the purple eyes caught my attention.

I wondered where she was about to go. When was she coming back.

I was curious. Were those her real eyes. I wondered as she hugged her sister and walked off.

I looked at the girl as I sighed.

"Is she single" Corey asked her as Alana walked off.

"Are you single" Joey asked her as I laughed shaking my head at them.

I looked over to where Alana walked off seeing she was no longer in view.

"How old is she" Corey asked her as I shook my head and chuckle.

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