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I leave in 15 Days, so everyday I'll Add some special Disney post, about attractions or movies or characters, anything to make people smile

Chapter 1

Day #1: My Personal Ranking of the Disney Princesses from Worst to Best

13) Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty- When I was younger, I didn’t completely despise her, she was just never one of my favorites. As I got older, I started to realize that she’s not all that great. Originally, she wasn’t at the bottom of my list, but upon thinking this through, I realized she does belong at the bottom for a few reasons. First and foremost, she only has 19 minutes of screen time. Maleficent has more screen time, and more lines than her. As do the three fairies, who are the back bone of her movie! Also, she’s the very least feminist of all the princesses. Prince Philip does all the saving and the heroic-ness in the movie! Aurora sings and dances in the forest, lets a man charm her, cries when she finds out she’s got an arranged marriage, and falls into a deadly sleep only to be awoken by a kiss from true love’s kiss, then dances some more. There’s also a scene where the two kings and the jester get drunk, and I honestly think that’s stupid. Also, her dress is Blue for most of the movie, but she wears pink in all the princess merchandise, and I feel like most little girls only like her for the pink dress. Bleh.

12) Elsa- Everyone has turned on me… Go ahead… Let the angry mob storm my living room! From the second I saw frozen, I didn’t like Elsa. I knew Idina Menzel voiced her, so instead of like enjoying her character, I just kept thinking “Idina, that’s Idina” and never really got past that. People also push “Elsa is the first princess who doesn’t need a man!” Hello… Mulan and Merida? I feel like little girls only like her because she has powers, but those darn powers cause so much more trouble than its worth! There’s tons of fan theories about Elsa, and a lot said that isn’t proven. She over shines Anna completely, even though Anna is the main protagonist and Elsa is the deuteragonist, meaning it’s Anna’s movie and Elsa is only a secondary character. Also, we’ve been to Disney World twice since Frozen came out, and everywhere you go there’s Elsa merchandise and Elsa themed attractions and all that. The Norway Pavilion at the Epcot World showcase is now basically a frozen themed pavilion. The Frozen Ever After ride has Elsa as it’s star, and barely any of the other characters. I also apprenticed at a Disney Princess summer camp, and 6 out of 9 of them had Elsa as their favorite. The others had either Anna or Rapunzel. We heard “Let it Go” and “For The First Time in Forever” so many times, I think I’ll explode if I hear them again.

11) Cinderella- I have never been a fan of Cinderella. Never. The only reasons why she’s not at the very bottom of my list is because of her extreme popularity. Cinderella is the iconic princess. She’s kind to the animals as well as everyone she meets and both brave and strong for enduring what her step-family put her through. Props to her for going through the ball, and having the prince want no one else but her. Her story has been retold many different times in many different ways, which I appreciate. I’ve even written my own parodies, including “The Fairy Godfather” and a version of it I’ve been working on where Prince Oliver and Cinderella alternate chapters of telling it, almost like my Beauty and the Beast retelling. That being said, here’s some of the reasons I don’t like Cinderella all that much. The mice seem to do more than Cinderella does in the movie. Cinderella and the Prince only fell for each other because they were both good looking. THE DANCED FOR ONE NIGHT! You don’t decide to marry someone after one dance! The fairy godmother is the only reason they even met! She kind of just over-shadows all the other princesses, stealing the lime-light from more deserving princesses. Cinderella isn’t a feminist princess, doing chores and keeping house… She’s basically a trophy wife.

10) Pocahontas- She’s not the most popular of the Disney Princesses, and her movie wasn’t immediately considered a Disney Classic. I have to say though, I appreciate her playful, free-spirited nature and love for the world around her are wonderful character traits. She’s very accepting of others, teaching John Smith about the value of the earth and everything living on it. Pocahontas is wise beyond her years, as well as heroic and brave. Bonus points for being Native American and from Virginia like me. That being said, Disney really sugar coated the story of Pocahontas and depicted the colonization era in a far from accurate way. I hate how they made her 18 instead of 10-13. Here’s another thing: Since they already changed the story so much… Why not just give her the happy ending? Seriously, the story’s already been Disney-fied so much, why the ending seriously the only non-Disney part you kept in? Don’t even get me started on the sequel… Two love interests, when John Rolf isn’t even considered a Disney Prince, and the “happy ending” in that one. It just irks me!

9) Snow White- The original, classic, iconic Disney Princess. She’s the most caring and most traditional of all the princesses. She’s very mothering and accepting. Snow White is also “The Fairest of them All” yet it very modest and far from selfish. Snow White is usually ranked higher, because she started it all, or at the very bottom because she is the weakest role model. I have her here because while she does have all that going for her as I mentioned above, she is not the brightest princess or the most progressive. She cleans for the 7 little men and falls for the poisoned apple. Also, she is the youngest princess, at 14, and is very dependent on her prince to save the day. Also, because we don’t see much of the prince, we assume he only likes her for her looks. I was not considering true love and marriage my freshman year, nor were many other girls. Either way, because she is so iconic and because I’ve played her, she is still in my top 10.

8) Merida- Like Ariel and Rapunzel, I thought she’d be higher on the list, but I had to put her lower for a few reasons. I love Merida because she’s very independent, adventurous, and athletic. She’s also playful and unafraid to be herself. Merida knows how to set things right when she messes up, and is willing to fight for what she believes in. She will not conform to what is expected of her. Bonus points for having crazy curly red hair like me, and having an if-y relationship with her mom like I do. That being said, Brave wasn’t a Pixar masterpiece. I found Merida almost reckless and a bit immature, selfish in a few scenes too. As much as I appreciate a woman who can fight her own battles, because I am a hopeless romantic and do very much want to get married, I didn’t appreciate that so much.

7) Ariel- Like Rapunzel, I wanted to put her a lot higher. At one point, Ariel was one of my very favorite princesses along with Belle and Jasmine. I loved that she was a mermaid, and being a swim team dork I connected with her very much, also because we’re both redheads haha. I loved her complete sense of rebellion, her willingness to challenge the status quo and fall in love with the human world. I admired her curiosity and go-getter attitude. She was not going to let anyone get in her way. She’s heroic, rescuing Eric when he nearly drowns and making the sacrifice of her voice for him. Also, “Kiss the Girl” was always one of my favorite songs, I had my first kiss planned out in my head to that song. Sadly, it didn’t work out like that . Anyways, I ended up ranking her lower because I watched the movie recently, and realized how shallow both Ariel and Eric are. Ariel fell in love with him because she saw him and thought he was hot. Eric fell for her for her voice and body, and if you look at things in my forgiving way, because she was quirky on land. Ariel didn’t exactly think through her decision to give up her voice and all that, and things could’ve ended a lot worse because of it.

6) Rapunzel- I really wanted to put Rapunzel higher, but smack in middle seems to be perfect for her. She is definitely one of the funniest princesses, and like Anna, very relatable with her quirkiness and curiosity. I love her sense of adventure and willingness to break the rules to live her dream. Also: Bonus for having freckles and green eyes, as no other princesses before her had those features I could relate to. Rapunzel also took the time to get to know her prince, learning to trust him as they went along. She learns to stick up for herself. The reason why I ended up not putting her higher on the list is because she’s a bit on the ditzy side, and unable to take a stand until the end of the movie. Also, because I just finished counseling at Princess Camp, and EVERY SINGLE LITTLE GIRL either loved Rapunzel or Elsa, and didn’t care about the classics as much or even watch their movies. Ugh. They all loved her purple and pink dress and magic hair, not the character or movie. If I ever hear “When Will My Life Begin” again, I’ll burst shooting sparkles everywhere.

5) Tiana- Another feminist princess! When the Princess and the Frog came out when I was 9, I fell in love with the movie, mainly because I love frogs and we always stay at Port Orleans when we go to Disney World. I admire her persistence and determination. She’s the first true working princess and one of the smartest/wisest of the princesses. I love how she has a strong sense of character, and pushes Naveen to be selfless and accept others for who they truly are. The only reason why she isn’t ranked higher is because she’s a frog for most of the movie, and because she isn’t one of the more popular or iconic princesses. Her movie, while a wonderful movie, isn’t often considered a “Disney Masterpiece” like many other princess movies.

4) Mulan: I had to take off points because while she is considered a Disney Princess, she neither married a prince nor was born into royalty. Mulan is not going to let a man save her, oh no, she’ll do the saving! She is the bravest, most heroic princess, no question about it! Mulan will make any sacrifice for her family. She will stand up for what she believes in, no matter what. She’s definitely the feminist princess, unconcerned with playing house and pleasing a man. Mulan also has the best sidekicks of any princess; A dragon, a lucky cricket, and a horse! Any movie with Eddie Murphy is instantly classic

3) Anna- As sick as I am of the frozen craze, I have to give Anna some credit. She’s one of the most relatable, if not the most relatable princesses there is. She’s very quirky and clumsy, a nice contrast to the elegant, classy other princesses in the mix. Anna is outgoing, unafraid to make mistakes and doesn’t worry about being judged. Anna is very adventurous, willing to search a tundra for her sister and risk her well-being on more than one occasion. She’s also very selfless, offering to get Kristoff a new sled, and doing all she can to help Elsa. She does make some mistakes about true love and people’s character, but considering how long she spent alone, that’s understandable, making her even more relatable! It annoys the life out of me how more people prefer Elsa to Anna, but she’s still one of my favorite princesses. The frozen craze will hopefully come to an end soon.

2) Jasmine- Jasmine is only my second favorite for one reason: She is the first princess not to have a title role. Jasmine is also a feminist character in a way. One of my favorite lines ever is: “How dare you! All of you, standing around deciding MY future! I am NOT prize to be won!” She, like Belle could’ve chosen a different man, but chose the diamond in the rough. She took the time to get know Aladdin, and not one of the princes she was set up with. “If I do marry, I want it to be for love.” Jasmine takes her own initiative and sneaks out of the palace, showing her independence and adventurous ways. She’s a fast learner, and has the ability to think on her feet. Not to mention she flies on a magic carpet and has a pet tiger; that’s pretty cool!

1) Belle- She has always been favorite for many reasons. The first reason being, she’s a bookworm! She’s always considered “The Intelligent Princess”. Geek girls unite! She got her own library! The second reason being, she took the time to get to know her lover, the beast. Unlike the princesses before her, she fell in love with the beast for what was inside, and over time. Their romance wasn’t “They’re hot… MUST GET MARRIED ASAP!” That connects with the other reason, she turned down the most handsome man in the village because he was shallow and selfish. Belle is selfless, giving up her young life for her father’s, and possibly the most caring of all the Disney Princesses. She turns back to save the beast when wolves attack them as she attempts to escape. She honors her promise and cares for his wounds. She teaches him to read, and is a pleasant joy to all the castle staff. Belle is also a feminist princess in a way. She saves the beast on more than one occasion, doesn’t follow what society views as the ideal woman, and is a strong female character that young girls can learn from. Beauty and the Beast was the FIRST EVER animated movie to be nominated for best picture, won two Oscars for Original Song and Score. Beauty and the Beast was the first Disney show on Broadway, and it won Tony Awards for Best Costume design, and was nominated for EIGHT more! Maybe this is me being shallow, but yellow is my favorite color and she does have a ravishing yellow dress. Say what you will about Stockholm Syndrome and Beastiality, and of course the other darker and ahem ridiculous fan theories, but despite that, Belle is my personal favorite princess.

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