Because I only have 15 days until we leave for Disney World... I JUST HAD TO SHARE MY EXCITEMENT!

Chapter 1

The count-down begins!

Six months of booking and planning, and Disney World is right around the corner! Uncle Jordan, Uncle Daryl, and I can't wait! They'll be celebrating their two year anniversary, and Tony (My Boyfriend who sadly can't come with us) will be having our 5 month anniversary! Not to mention, I'll be celebrating my first publications as an author! Best Trip Ever!

We're driving down from our home in DC, stopping on the border of Georgia and South Carolina for a night. After that, we'll be in Daytona Beach from August 13th until the 15th visiting Daryl's family and enjoying the beach. Then, on August 16th we check into our hotel on Disney Property. We're staying at Port Orleans: French Quarter.

I'll upload our schedule once my email starts cooperating, but to start today I'll post my personal ranking of the Disney Princesses from Worst to Best :)


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