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Sooo, I'm chilling on Quibblo now as it has somewhat come back to life for me. In-between group stories I want to write more so if I get enough people to sign up for a group story then I'll do one. For real this time.

Chapter 1

Sign Ups

This story is about a group of magician like people called the Charmed.

If you are a good Charmed, then when you dabble in evil things you get a black crack on your Charm heart. Three black cracks can means death but if an evil Charmed resurrects you in under two days, you will return as an evil Charmed.

Evil Charmed do not get punished for doing good, nature rewards them. By getting three white cracks, you will be converted into a good Charmed. However the Evil Charmed can become significantly more powerful than the Good ones.

You get your powers through a powerful charm suited specifically for you and is irreversible after you accept its power. The more you practice and train, the smaller and more powerful your charm is.

Charmed Hearts are crystal-like objects that reside over your right breast, the more skilled you become the smaller the crystal as it transforms and fuses into your heart. They usually start off poking an inch out of the skin.

The Charmed usually have weapons for themselves, usually with powers (i.e. a staff, playing cards).

Ability Types: Conjurer, Elemental Magic, Illusionist, Empathy, Clairvoyant, Suggestion, etc.

The characters in this story should preferably be White Crystals but they can have cracks. They will be fighting against some evil force.

Character Bio Sheet:

Age (18-21):
Crystal Status:

My Character:

Name: Edgar Alfred Thompson

Nickname: Ed


Ability: Illusionist

Weapon: Playing Cards that he can cast an illusion around to appear like something worse

Crystal Status: White, Black Crack I

Appearance: He's 6' exactly and is fairly toned, though not particularly muscular. His fingers are long and nimble and his wrists are quick which is good for sleight of hand. He usually wears a form-fitting pants and sleeveless hoodies, switch between a couple of shoes and shirts. His hair is dark and wavy falling across his forehead and his eyes are grey and calculating. He grows stubble on his chin sometimes.

Personality: He's a very charismatic and charming young man who delights in magic and trickery. Ed can be quite loyal when he gets to know someone, but if he has to choose between helping one person or two people he will make a logical decision. If one person is more valuable than two, he will help that one person. Being an orphan and not having a family has made a permanent mark preventing him from caring too deeply at any one person. This is good because this keeps his actions fair and useful, but bad because he's hurt many people that way, emotionally and physically. He's a fun-loving guy and doesn't care for thinking about the past much.

Other: He's not one to talk much about how he got his black crack but rumor has that it has to do with dabbling into Expressionism.


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