Self Thoughts

So yeah.

Chapter 1


I've always told myself to play nice
I've always thought that's the way to live
even in times of tension-
I figure it's better to love and give.

However, as life has moved on
I began to question myself if I was able to live up to my promise
because maybe- maybe I fell from who I wanted to be
where I just split until I became perceived as biramous.

I don't really know
but I'm so sorry for any wrong I've done,
and I really can't help but wonder
if I also disappointed everyone.

Maybe me pushing myself to be kind
led me to a place where I thought I was safe
and in reality- my path was broken
and I was led to the midst of a strafe.

It's now that I can hear the words of my parents
telling me that I can't always be kind
but in all reality- I really want to be
so that I can give someone- anyone peace to their mind.

However, maybe they were right
maybe me trying was pathetic
maybe I was wrong
and I'm so sorry if there was ever a time where I fell from me pushing myself to be empathetic.


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