Uniting in Love and War

Uniting in Love and War

In the Kingdom of Derse, Feferi Peixes a servant of Prince Karkat Vantas finds herself falling in love with the Prince as well as discovering that she is a witch. The Prince, a powerful and handsome man, turns down any princess that has come his way and finds himself falling in love with the servant as well as dealing with his newly arranged marriage. As the two live out their lives will upcoming war of the kingdoms drive them apart? or will they confess their true love for each other?

Chapter 1

Once Upon a Time

The kingdom of Derse was a peaceful kingdom within the land of Skaia, King Vantas and his queen worked hard for their kingdom to become what it is today. The king and queen worked to expand their kingdom peacefully by helping other kingdoms or lands that were struggling. One such land was the island of Alternia, ruled by a native tribe there, the king and queen found many resources on the island when they visited with their son, Prince Karkat Vantas. They came to a trade agreement with the Queen to help the small tribe of Alternia survive. While visiting the prince met a young native girl, named Feferi, who was very fascinated by the newcomers. Feferi stayed by the prince while he visited and learned a lot about the mainland. After asking her mother, she came back with the Royal family to the kingdom of Derse and became their servant, she was happy to go with them and see the rest of the world. Now Feferi was 18 and slept in her small room that was assigned to her. Feferi is a small, toned, and lightly tan servant girl of the castle. She was still known as a native of the island Alternia that the kingdom she served took over to help their people survive. She didn't mind though because she loved her homeland and it was obvious who she was due to her skin, light purple eyes and dark Raven hair.
At the moment, the young woman being prompted to wake up, by the sun shining through her window into her face. She gets up, getting dressed before going to the kitchen and grabbing the prince's breakfast and heading to his room. Soon she arrives and knocks on the door, calling in her soft melodic accented voice "Sire? It's time to get up, I have your breakfast."
She knocks a bit louder again before opening the door a bit and poking her head cautiously into the bedroom, a soft smile on her face. She has come to have affections for the prince for a while now, even though she doubts he'd ever think of her as any more than a servant and the fact of it's forbidden. Even if he did like her back, they couldn't be together, which when she thought about it, it made her soft, kind face frown. He had just been a boy and she a little girl of 6 when his family came and helped her people. She had been pushed around by a soldier for trying to take some fruit and the prince had helped her by stepping up to the soldier. Feferi has been working for the royal family for a while now and she could at least say her and the prince were friends. The 18 year old servant girl steps into the room, pushing the door closed behind her, she then walks over, setting the tray down and lightly shaking Prince Karkat to wake him up.
As the servant peered in, the almighty prince laid there, drooling on his pillow as the sun fell on his face and the day started around the young king to be.Slowly he opened his eyes, and was glad to see that she, Feferi, was the first thing that he saw, even though he did not smile or even change anything on his grumpy expression. "already?" he asked, definitely still sleepy and groggy.
Feferi giggled a bit and opened the blinds fully. A small blush made its way to her cheeks as she looked at him and went to go pick out his clothes. "You have a long day ahead of you Sire. You're squire is also sick so I will be helping you with your armor and everything you need for today, if that is alright with you my prince" she gave him a small bow. She was thankful for the squire getting sick actually, it meant she could spend more time with him.
"Thank you for informing me of this. I hope he doesn't die, I'd hate to have to find another squire." He said as he sat up, not wearing any kind of shirt because of the hot winds of the summer, looking to the world by his window.his chest was littered with scars from previous battles and training, "At least the day looks lovely ahead" Especially with her having more time with him, apparently.
She glanced back at him, her face blushing a small bit more, and set out his daily clothes. She then went to polish his crown. "It does, it was nice to wake up to the sunshine. I apologize for waking you early Sire, but you have training with the Knights soon and after your father wishes to speak with you... Regarding um... Marriage... And other things" she frowned a little and went to make his bed as he got up.
"Oh, excellent, it is that time of the year where he will try to match me with any random princess or queen that comes to visit him." He sighed as he got up, walking to his window to enjoy the view.
"You are lucky you are not from royalty Feferi, really lucky. With your looks, you'd be in an arranged marriage as soon as you hit 18" he said as he placed his hands behind his back as he watched the outside world.
"Well I am 18... And actually... That's part of the reason I came here... But I won't bore you with that Sire" she smiled a bit and continued to make his bed, humming a little to herself.
She knew about what his father put him through, Feferi would hear his complaints for days about each suitor. But she also knew how he felt. When she was very young her mother had told her she were to marry the best warrior in the tribe, because you see, she was actually the princess of the tribe. Princess Feferi Peixes, of Alternia, she never told the prince or anyone in the kingdom for that matter. She came here with the royal family to see what the world was like even at the young age she was at when she came.
"Don't trust the King for finding someone for you. I'm not even sure if he could actually. since if he could actually. Since it is you that we are talking about, it would be more complicated to find someone qualified enough." He loved to do that, he could say whatever he wanted in the morning and she knew that he wouldn't remember a thing later, well, that was what he told her at least. In the mornings the Prince could be found as if he were drunk every time he woke up.
This only made Feferi blushed a bit and giggled, knowing his habits and his mood. He needed to be reminded to blink in the morning sometimes. The servant girl walked over to him, the small blush on her cheeks. "Thank you Sire, that is very sweet. But you deserve the best. Your father knows it as well as myself and so that is what he is trying to find for you." She went and brought him his undershirt for his outfit. "Will you need my assistance in dressing Sire?"
"I will."He said, and turned to her so that she could do her job as he absorbed all of the information in front of him.
She was... Blushing, and she said something about marriage, she was 18 now, and, for how long has he met her? For how long has he loved her? How much would his heart shatter if he saw her with another man? The Prince thought, his emotions towards the servant were strong, he had no idea how to deal with the feelings he had for the servant girl.
As Feferi began to dress him, her skin had this slight glow to it as she hummed a native lullaby and worked. Feferi hummed to distract her mind from his handsome and very attractive body. She blinked for a moment to allow herself to look at his colors. She could see people's colors for some reason and had no idea what it was. His colors were amazing though. A mix of red, black, and this stunning gold that was both soft and bright.
She blinked the color away and continued to do her job, she didn't want to get distracted by his colors brilliance. She never told anyone about her seeing colors as magic was outlawed and she didn't want to risk being arrested for using magic.
After a few seconds, Karkat realised that he could actually gaze at her and admire her figure for as long as this would go on, and that is what he proceeded to do for now. Her simple yet beautiful clothes on top of such a simple and beautiful person, everything just culminated to him gazing at her, the Prince desired her as his, but what he desired the most, was for her to want him as hers.
As Feferi finished dressing him, she went to go put the crown on his head. Her black hair, in loose curls, slightly flowed as she walked and her clothes showed her figure well, but modestly of course. She placed the crown on his head and smiled.
"There Sire. You are ready for your day of training and you're treacherous task of listening to the King find you a bride" she giggled a little, they would occasionally joke around with one another and she loved it. Feferi loved to make him smile or laugh since that was rare for him. His smile though, she loved it and it always caused her heart to flutter.
The Prince smiled at her words, chuckling lightly as he stayed in front of her. "Be careful. I do not want you to get sick. He rested both hands on her shoulders for a moment, before sighing and having to leave, looking at her one more time. "I hope to see you later today." He then proceeded to leave the room, walking to his first duty of the day, training.
Feferi smiled brightly as she watched him leave. His laugh filled her heart and she let a quiet breath escape her lips.
She then went and finished up in his room, realizing he didn't eat any breakfast so he would want lunch right after training or even a snack during. She would bring a snack to the training grounds in an hour, just in case.
The beautiful servant then left to continue to do the rest of her chores before going to bring him his small snack at the training grounds. There, the prince would most likely be training with his right hand man and probably best friend, Knight David Strider.

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