Please hate me. I so very sorry.

Chapter 1

I never will forget.

Im alive you guys so please don't worry. I know that i had deserted you guys and for that i apologize. Quibblo was a place were i could let my frustrations out on, and a safe gaurd for me to escape to. I know this may come to a shock to yiu guys but i hate writing, but love it all the same. I never planned on becoming a writer and i even plan to give up Quibblo in a matter of months... But then i met so many wonderful people and was a part of so many works of art that it brought me to tears. It was fun for a while. As a said before Quibblo was a place I'd let my frustrations run wild.... But as i become more calm or maybe i should say more accepting of my situation i felt less and less dedication for the site. I never wanted to be the auther to abandoned their story, but it become harder for me to het motivated to write. Especially when my own writer were dropping like flies. I not as to be forgiven nor am i promising to stay. I just want to give you guys a real answer, from the real me. I'm not the happy go lucky girl i pretended to be. I merely acted like that to avoid drama and conflicts on the site, for a i had enough of it in real life. However the fun we had on her was real. The stories we wrote together were real. The conversations we had were mostly real. I loved it. I loved the story. I loved you guys. My precious writers.... I never forgot the stories... I even tell the friends a school about them when i get the chance. Plus i also forgot my password and if was damn there impossible to find, had to ask my sister for it. However thats not the point. I want to a less tell you guys the truth. Im not promising i will write again. I just wanted you guys to know.


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