Issues with Food

About my struggle with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Chapter 1

Issues with Food

Don't be scared, be skinny instead. Focus on the calories and watch as everything else matters less. It makes life easier. Forget your problems.

Your heart will shrink. But so what? Forget your absent father.

You will be very prone to heart attacks for the rest of your life. At least you already hate yourself. At least you already want to die. Too bad you were too chicken to do it yourself.

Your muscles will be eaten away. It hurts. But you tell yourself that it's worth it. That the pain means something. Forget that you were raped.

Your bones will become brittle. You will never go beyond the height you are currently at because of how far you got with this. Sorry you were too short to be a pageant queen.

Your teeth will suffer. Your mom wasted money on braces. I wonder if she knows you're genderfluid.

Wanna be a parent? Tough luck. It's way harder once you've suffered from an eating disorder. Oh, you've tried? You lost one because it was less than half the size it should have been at 5 weeks and your body couldn't handle it? ......Oh well. better luck next time.


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