Finding Faith

A story by Amber and myself. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Calm down

Kedan Pov

I sighed as I looked at my brother and took a breath. I looked around seeing everybody talking and trying to use there phone and what not. Some people were freaking out while others where just standing around looking clueless.

I sighed as I walked forward toward the plane and looked around.

"Okay everybody calm down" i yelled as all eyes went to me. I glance at my brother and sighed.

"We already know, our phones don't work. But we need to calm down so we can figure out what to do" i told them as I stared at them.

I looked around as I stared at everybody.

"First its late, we need to make a fire to stay warm and find food and water soon" I told them as I knew nothing about doing those things. I lived in a city. I didn't have to learned to camp out.

I looked around as I stared at everybody.

"Who knows how to make a fire" I spoke as everybody looked around and I frowned.

Nobody knows how to start a fire

I thought as I saw my brother point behind me. I turn and saw the twins girls.

"We do" One of them spoke as I stared at them and nodded. I looked at my brother.

"Isaac, go help them make the fire" I told my brother as he walked over to the twins and I sighed as I looked at everybody else.

"Okay we need to find shelter" I told them as I looked at them.

I pointed at a group of people who were looking at me.

"You guys go find shelter and don't go far" I warned them as they nodded and walked off.

I sighed as I ran a hand through my brown hair taking a breath. I pointed to another group.

"You go find fresh water" I told them as they nodded walking off and I looked at the last group.

"You guys go find food" I told them as it empied out. I turn and saw the twins coming back with my brother carrying wood.

I walked over to them as they set down the wood and what not.

"I'm Kedan" I told them as they looked at me. I stared at them as they looked at each other and one of the twins stood up and held her hand out to me.

"Amari" She told me as I smile.

Amari. Pretty name.

I nodded as I stared at her and she stared back at me.

"Your eyes are really beautiful" She spoke as her eyes widen and she blushed.

"Sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud" She told me as I chuckle.

"Its fine" I told her as she blushed more and went back to helping her sister.

"So twins" I spoke as they both looked at me again.

"I never met twins before. How do people tell you apart" I asked them curious.

"They can't" Amari spoke as she looked at me. She pulled out a necklace with the letter A on it.

"Thats the only way people can tell us apart and our personalities" She told me as I nodded.

I looked over at my brother as I sighed running a hand through my hair.

"Why are you two so calm about this" I asked them as I thought about everybody else who was freaking out.

Amari Pov

I stared at the Kedan guy and shrugged. I stood up again as I stared at him.

"Because what the point of freaking out when its not going to do us any good." I told him as I shrugged.

He stared at me as I stared in his green eyes. He smile as I stared at him.

"So how do you two know how to build a fire" He asked us as I looked down at my sister and back at him.

"We go to summer camp every summer" I shrugged as he stared at me.

"Summer camp" He spoke slowly as I nodded.

"Oh, you have an accent" He told me as i stared at him and shrugged.

"So do you" I told him as he continued to look at me. I smile as I folded my arms standing at him.

He looked at me looking me up and down and licked his lips as I frowned. He was checking me out.

"Why are you in a tanktop and shorts" He asked curious as I stared at him and looked down at my clothes and shrugged.

"Why do you care" I asked him frowning as he stared at me.

"Your going to get sick, it get cold at night and especially now since we're in the middle of nowhere" He let me know as I stared at him.

I shrugged as I looked at him.

"Well pardon me for not dressing for a plane crash" I snapped as he stared at me.

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