Finding Faith

A story by Amber and myself. Enjoy!

Chapter 285

One Week Later

Amari Pov

I stared at my sister and smile as I hugged her back. I looked at her and nodded.

"It was nice...while it lasted" I whispered to her as I stared at her. I ran my hand through her hair as I smile.

"How was grandma's" I questioned her as I looked at her.

Kedan Pov

I looked at my brother and nodded as I sighed running a hand through my hair.

"Yeah" I whispered to her as I looked at her taking a breath.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ONE WEEK LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I smile as I watched my mom sign the papers to the house as the guy handed the keys over to her.

I smile as I watched them talked for a few minutes before watching him leave and looking at my mom. She looked at us as I instantly pulled her into a hugged.

"Thanks mom" I whispered to her as I held her.

"I want you happy....both of you..." She told us as I smile and nodded.

I pulled away from her as I looked at her.

"I know..." I smile as she stared at me.

"Kedan, don't forget our deal" She told me as I nodded smiling.

"I won't, I promise" I smile as she smile and nodded.

"Go get your girl, and I would love to meet her the correct way, over dinner" She told me as I smile and nodded.

"She would love that" I told her as I looked at my brother.

"Coming" I questioned as I grabbed the car keys as I walked out the house.

Amari Pov

I sighed as I was laying in bed with Lottie as we watched a movie in her room. I sighed as I still haven't talked to Dad.

I sighed as I took a breath running a hand through my hair as I shook my head.

I heard a car pulled up outside as I got out the bed and walked over to the window. I looked seeing a car. I watched as I saw the person who got out the driver seat as I instantly smile.

"Kedan" I smile looking at my sister. I rushed out her room and down the stairs and out the house.

I ran as I saw Kedan looked at me smiling. I ran in his arms as he instantly caught me spinning me around. I smile as I held him tight as I crush my lips to his.

He broke the kiss as he set me on my feet but keeping his arms around me.

"Hey" He whispered to me as I stared at him and smile.

"You came back" I whispered to him as he nodded.

"Always" He questioned me as I stared at him.

I smile as I pressed my lips to his again.

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