Finding Faith

A story by Amber and myself. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Where Are We?

Charlotte's Pov

As the plane crashed to the ground- I felt my head jerk forward and back, causing whiplash as this morning's events before the plane ride played in my head.

I was in my bedroom- just finishing up packing when my dad came in. He looked at me and smiled,

"Lottie- you should get going"

"Yes sir" I whispered as he sighed walking toward me

I watched my father as he whispered, "We'll see you in no time kiddo"

I nodded and gave him a hug before walking downstairs seeing my mom all over my sister for hugging and calling- even though we were okay every year.

She then did the same to me before smiling, stroking some of my brown hair out of my face to reveal my normal brown eyes. "Try to put yourself out there a little more Lottie"

With the last normal things like- have fun- call everyday and such now over- my sister and I headed to camp

I snapped back to reality though as I stood up, my neck sore as I helped my sister up as well speaking

"Are you okay Mari?"

She nodded and we got out of the plane as I rubbed my neck before checking my phone seeing no signal. I groaned, "Well so much for calling mom everyday."

I shook my head looking around at this empty place before at my sister as we talked.

Where were we?

Isaac's Pov

I sighed and looked at my brother before running a hand through my black hair. I looked at the twins that were on the flight and saw one of them looking over at us. She instantly though looked away when I shot a smile.

I then looked at my brother, "You ask me what to do as if I'm the one that's good at decisions." I said with a soft smile.

I took a breath, "But maybe-" I paused for a moment and looked around, "We organize- get people calm- figure out what to do as a group- though of course we need a leader for that."

I looked at my brother and smirked, "And you know- you've always had a way to get people to listen to you- on and off the court."

I shrugged, running a hand again through my black hair as I let my blue eyes follow back over to the twins.

I wasn't the leader. I was more the..desire to observe- understand- respond but then avoid issues type. It was why I am a decent catcher and quarterback in high school- or now.. I guess was as we seemed to be stranded.

However the better question was was where were we even?

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