Finding Faith

A story by Amber and myself. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Start

Amari Pov

So my name is Amari Jackson and I am 16 years old from a small city called Rockford IL. Me and my sister lived there for the first few years of our lives and then our parents moved us to the south. Where we stayed in Brookhaven Mississippi.

Anyways I have one sister and we're twins. We looked exactly alike. We switch places all the twins. We were identical. We both had long brown hair down our back and tan skin.

"Mari" I heard my mom called as I looked away from the mirror and rushed to the living room. I looked at my mom as she smile and hugged.

"I can't believe you and your sister are going to be gone for the whole summer" She told me as I smile.

"Mom its just the summer" I told her as she sighed and hugged me again.

"I know, my babies are growing up" She sighed as she looked at me as Dad hugged my sister.

"Just be safe, and look out for each other. Take care of each other" Mom told us as I nodded.

"We will mom" I told her as she sighed.

"I know" She smile holding me. I laughed as I pulled out of her arms and looked at her.

"Mom we're just going to camp" I told her as she sighed.

"I know. I'm sorry" She told me as she walked over to my sister and hugged her.

I smile shaking my head as I ran a hand through my hair. I looked at my sister as she hugged mom back.

"You girls should get going before you miss your flight" Dad told us as I nodded. We walked over to the door as I grabbed my suitcase I had sitting there and my sister grabbed hers and we went to the car. We put the bags in the car and got inside.

I sighed as I pulled out my phone and saw it was a full battery.

"I want you two to call us everyday" mom told us as I nodded. The whole drive mom kept talking about how she was going to miss us.

It was the same thing every year. We always went to camp and she would do the same thing like she wouldn't see us again or something.

I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair as me and my sister check in and soon we were on our flight. I leaned against my chair as I sighed.

"I hope this year is as fun as last year" I told my sister as I got relax on the long plane ride.

I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair taking a breath. I looked around the plane as I sighed.

Soon the plane took off and we were off to camp.

A few hours laters----

I had ended up falling asleep but woke up to something hitting my sit. I looked at I saw the breathing mask started falling out the top of the plane landing in everybody seat. I looked at my sister concerned as she looked worried.

"Please stay seated and put on your seatbelt" The intercom spoke as I saw the flight assistance rushing to get in seats. I looked at the window as I saw it was dark. very dark you couldn't see anything.

Just as the plane felt like it was losing controlled. It started moving left to right as I looked at my sister worried.

I grabbed her hand hoping to calm down as I suddenly felt the plane going down.

"Everybody put on your mask" The intercom yelled as I let my sister hand go and we grabbed our mask breathing through them as I tried to calm down but it wasn't working. I felt the plane dropping faster and faster.

Just as a huge boom noise and the plane went crashing as people were screaming and I felt myself fly forward hitting the seat in front of me as the plane crash into the ground.

Kedan Pov

I sighed frustrated as our flight got cancelled and they made us get on a connecting flight stopping in Mississippi. I sighed as I just wanted to get home already.

I looked at my brother as I sighed. We were finally able to get on the flight as we took our seats and I looked at him frowning.

"This is the worst plane experience ever. First they loose our bags, and then our flight get cancelled and now we have to stop and get on a different flight just to get home" I sighed shaking my head.

I just wanted to get too New York already. I sighed as the plane had took off and I looked around the flight as I notice twins not sitting too far from us.

"Hey look at them. twins" I smile as I looked at my brother.

"They're cute" I told him as I nodded and looked away from them.

I sighed as I looked at my brother. I ran a hand through my hair as I took a breath.

"I'm so ready to get to New York already" I told him sighing.

A few hours later~~~~~

The plane was going for a while until the breathing mask started falling out the ceiling and people started to panic and what not. I looked at my brother as we looked outside not seeing anything at all.

I ran a hand through my hair as I took a breath grabbing the face mask and breathing into it.

Just as the plane felt like it was falling from the ceiling or something. What was going on. I thought as A huge boom noise went off toward the back of the plane and I looked seeing the plane caught fire.

Just as the plane crash into the ground hard. I felt myself move but the sealt belt held me in place as the plane slid and came to a stop.

I took off the breathing mask as I looked back seeing the fire. People who were still conscious started rushing off the plane as I got out my seltbelt and looked at my brother.

"Lets go" I rushed him as we rushed off the plane as well running away from it as it exploded. We stared at it shocked as I looked around seeing it was too dark to figure out where we were.

I heard people crying and trying to get a signal on there phone. I pulled out my phone seeing no service and sighed frustrated.

"What are we supposed to do now" I asked my brother frustrated as I looked around and my eyes landed on the twin girls.

"I don't know how to make a fire" I told my brother since we were from the city we never needed to make one.

I watched as the two girls talked to each other. I looked at my brother and sighed.

"What are we going to do" I asked him as I looked around and at the exploded plane.

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