The New City

Uhhhh so this is going to be kinda a sex thing xD you've been warnnnnned c:

Chapter 1

Part 1: Ready to Go

by: catxcat
I don't know how I feel about leaving this town. Like, everything is pretty okay. I can't really complain. My school life is a bit of a mess and my neighbor makes me uneasy. But that's it. But here we go again--moving because my dad couldn't just get a normal job so we can stay in one place. On the bright side I think we might be able to move in time for me to have my 14th birthday party after we get settled down.

About the things I don't like here... my school is like the worst in the whole county. It's just so bad. The teachers don't care and the kids fight and I ended up an outcast. And the worst part? My high school I'm zoned for is just as bad...or worse. It has a terrible rep. But we'll be in Alabama by then, and believe it or not, my new school is supposed to be really good. School starts in a little over a week and we'll be there in a little less than a week. This might actually be perfect.

And my neighbor. Ugh. "Green-eyed cutie with beautiful brown hair." If I hear that again I'm going to puke. Even when we were visiting this house before we bought it, he stared at me, but never really at my eyes. He was looking at every other part of me. Right from the start. And the first time I came back from school to our house alone, he beat me to my door. He didn't run...he was waiting for me. He introduced himself...Joseph, "your friendly neighbor." Staring below my eyes he asked how i was adjusting and if school was going well. I half answered and he lost interest with that and starting talking about my appearance. "You look good for someone that just moved. And very healthy. And your hair is just gorgeous. The last thing he finally saw and commented on were my eyes, which were oh so cute to him. But that wasn't terrible. I said I had homework and he said "goodbye cutie" and I went inside. Everything was okay for a while.

But one day I was freaking beat. Sooo tired. I came home, showered, and plopped on my bed and fell asleep. Our house was coming together, but we didn't have everything unpacked. And our blinds were not unpacked. But i wrapped my towel and collapsed onto my bed. I probably should have thought about my parents coming home blinds in the windows. But I didn't. And I woke up a little while later and turned over a little bit...only to see Joseph walking back to his house, almost to his door, with a camera in his hand. I can only imagine that he was there for a while taking pictures. How did I get so lucky to have a room facing his house? Everything got worse from there. Until we got our blinds in, Joseph was really snoopy around my window. 9 times out of 10 I was clothed and chilling out or doing homework, but that 1 time out of 10 that I get careless or wake up at night and see him was really getting out of hand. But we put our blinds up. And everything was okay for a while. Until he met me again outside of my house after school.

"Did your parents buy you those thong bikini bottoms? And you might want to wear your top more, because that fence is shorter than you thank, haha." That laugh pierced me. I can still hear it. "I bet you wear thong underwear, too" and I laughed nervously and said no..."I wear granny panties because they're more comfortable."

"Bullshit. I've seen otherwise" he said as he pulled my skirt down enough to show my thong. I freaked out and pushed him away. "NO, you need to get a life." I was staring him right in the eyes, but his were staring at my thong. I pulled up the my skirt when I realized I forgot to. "That's it. Any more and I'll call the cops." I started confident, but couldn't end with that confidence. "Yeah, you do that. You haven't even told your parents. I can read you like a book. But I'll leave you alone..."

I went inside and tried to forget about it. But that was a while ago. Now I'm almost ready to finally leave him behind. I can't stand moving, but maybe this will be better than I think.

"When are you leaving, girl?" Coldness is rolling down my spine. This isn't what I need right now. I've gone so long without him bothering me... "Cutie, I asked you something." Fumbling with my keys, I finally find the right one, thankful that he's between our houses instead of blocking my door like he did before. "Don't ignore me; when are you leaving." I'm halfway inside, but this is so annoying. "In a few days...Thursday." I slip inside and leave the conversation there. I think he's bound to leave me be now. He knows I'll be gone. It's time for him to move on...


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