The land of Realm is in danger of War: The Varashi are on a murderous rampage across the land, devouring and slaughtering all who oppose or get in the way.
A Seer has foretold that 5 young people will venture forth to stop this savagery and prevent the war from happening. The Mycarians have chosen Tabitha for Magik and Hercules for Strength, while the Nex have chosen Medi-san for Healing and Yumi-chan for Stealth. The other is Yami-san, the mysterious boy from Nowhyre who holds the 'Key'.

Chapter 1

A Quick History Lesson

by: Cozy_Glow
Tabitha tapped her pencil on the table- Tap, tap, tap -awaiting the bell for lunch. Oh, how lunch would be splendid! Burgers and pizza, 'Black Gold' and chocolate milk, honey-melts and cupcakes! Quickly feeling saliva building up, Tabitha licked her lips and gulped. Stay focused, Tab, or it’ll be detention… again.

“Tabitha” Mrs. Cot smiled at the girl. “Can you tell me a valuable piece of knowledge about our history?”
Tabitha froze. “U-uh… um… I guess--”
“You guess?” the older woman snapped. “Well then, out with it.”
“W-well… Magik was born in, uh, Mara…?”
Mrs. Cot raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. “Mora. Tabitha. Now…”

Tabitha breathed a sigh of relief as Mrs. Cot went on with the lesson. Not long, Tabitha thought, smiling. Then, I can eat all I want! Her wish was sooner answered than she thought as the bell tolled for lunch. As usual, Tabitha was packed and out the door faster than a speeding Nex. And, as usual, she was first in line for lunch and getting the very best from Lady Cathrine.

“Everything, Lady Cat!” Tabitha grinned, holding her tray up.
Lady Cathrine laughed. “Ah, Tabitha, you are always a surprise~”

Lady Cathrine piled Tabitha tray high with every single food she had at the counter. Tabitha, well satisfied, skipped off to her table to eat and chat and laugh, but something was different. When Tabitha sat down with her friend, they were quiet. In fact, the whole hall was unusually quiet. Tabitha looked around, confused and curious, before turning to Violet beside her.

“Why is it so quiet?”
Violet gave a gentle sigh. “Well, it’s not good news…”
“How so?”
“The Varashi have led a massive invasion force into our lands!” Piper put in, loud as possible. “They’ve taken heaps of people for sacrifice!”
“They’re all evil monsters!” Trixie pouted.
Violet blushed angrily. She was Varashi by blood, but her family were not the savage kind that were attacking and murdering others. They had fled such things, so as to not suffer a similar fate. It was unfair for Trixie to call her a ‘monster’ and ‘evil’. Violet got up to leave, but Tabithas’ gentle hand on her arm made her pause. Tabitha look at Trixie.

“What about Vi?” she was firm. “She’s Varashi too.”
Trixie blushed in embarrassment. “I-I’m sorry, Violet, I didn’t mean it towards you!”
“We’re not all bad.” Violet said, chin raised, before sitting down. “In our citadel, there is a Rebellion.”
“A Rebellion?” the trio of girls asked.
“Yes, one our Prince has started” Violet said, looking to them with a gentle smile. “He did not like the old Traditions of the Varashi, as my family do not, and so, he tried to stop it. He is banished or dead now, but a Rebellion has started in his honour!”

Trixie and Piper were awed by Violets’ story and begged her to tell more, but Tabithas’ attention had drifted to the teacher approaching the table at great speed. Mr. Masrani, teacher of Potions, was red faced and panting from his long, quick stride to reach Tabitha. He took her arm, excused himself and her, before rushing off down the corridor, Tabitha in haul.

“Tabitha, I have grave news for you. Follow me to the Headmistress.”

Tabitha blinked in confusion and stumbled along behind him. She had done nothing wrong, as of late, she was pretty sure of that, but looking at the stressful face of Mr. Masrani made her think again. What could make a teacher so stressed out and so hurried? She decided it hurt too much to think about and would just wait, keeping curiousity in check for the moment.
It was not long before her questions would be answer.
Mr. Masrani burst open the doors of the Headmistresses room and stomped to her desk. The woman behind the desk was gaunt with a long nose, her red hair tightly bound in a high bun, her green rimmed glasses perfectly clean. She looked up upon finishing her writing.

“Miss Tabitha Laurens, take a seat.” She sat, rather intimidated by the lady. “Miss Laurens, we have called you here for the purpose of a Quest.”
“A Quest?” Tabitha raised a curious eyebrow. “What for?”
“The Royal Families of the Nex and Mycarians have requested a band of people go and help prevent a war. They have chosen you.”
“Why me?!”
“It was foretold by a Seer that 5 young people will go forth and prevent this war from coming into bloom. You, Tabitha Laurens, have been chosen as one of these people.”
“It is a big task, Tabitha” Mr. Masrani finally spoke. His voice sounded soft, unlike his usual self. It made Tabitha frightened. “Your training will aid you, for no one, but you, can go in this instance.”
“B-but I--”
“Tabitha, the fate of Realm rest in your hands. May the Gods have favour on you.”

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