A House Doesn't Make It Home

This is another story by (Amber)Volleyballgirl527 & Me(msdoneasha13)


Chapter 4


Cameron's P.O.V.

Kira sighed, and I wondered what was going through her mind as she got on the top bunk, while I made small talk with the two girls. They seemed nice. After a bit though, they left the room and I sighed climbing up onto the top bunk with my sister. I saw her staring at the ceiling and bit my lip before curling up next to her.

"Kira?" I looked over at her as she sighed quietly. I hugged her whispering, "What's going through your mind?"

I ran a hand through my sister's hair calmly whispering, "I know you probably don't think you will get along- so it's better to keep your distance- but you know I'm obviously here for anything- because you're the only one who's ever been here for me."

I gave a soft smile taking a breath, "So what's going through your mind?"

Jaxson's Pov

I watched the game and leaned back sighing, "I swear- all I want is for KG to win again. Retire with the Timberwolves. Get into coaching- continue to be the legend that he is."

I nodded shaking my head seeing Timberwolves down by a bunch against The Celtics. I sighed looking over at my brother, "So pro- basketball player is still your dream?"

I smirked joking, "Think you can grow a few more inches for that?"

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