A House Doesn't Make It Home

This is another story by (Amber)Volleyballgirl527 & Me(msdoneasha13)


Chapter 316

Opening Up

Cameron's Pov

Jaxson sighed and looked at me, "Cam... I...."

I ran a hand through my hair shaking my head no. "It's okay" I reasoned in a whisper. "I know you won't wait for me forever. It's not reasonable. You deserve to be happy with someone."

He sighed, "I want that with you though"

"I know" I whispered, "I'm just broken- you deserve better."

Jaxson's Pov

I blinked hearing her say I deserved better. I looked over at Cameron, seeing the tears start forming in her eyes. I bit my lip before pulling her in my arms. "Cam- I'm willing to work on whatever has hurt you in the past."

She buried her head in my chest before muttering, "It's just... it's been my sister and me for so long now- never really settling down, always up and never making those connections. Our family is a mess- disappointing us- breaking us into nothing. We've left friends... close ones.. and no one stays. It hurts."

I listened to her closely as she let tears fall continuously fall as she explained further, "And it's just- I've had something with someone once."

"A boy" I stated. She nodded and sighed, "And it didn't end well. At all. I had to leave- and it wasn't good Jax"

I bit my lip, processing her being as open as it seemed she could. Was it totally being open? No, she was rather vague in some areas. However, she was trying and I could see by her tears it was taking a lot out of her. I sucked in a breath and nodded my head whispering,

"I understand"

"I don't want you to wait necessarily for me though." She whispered,

"I"m going to anyways" I reasoned back, "Cam- you're worth it"

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