A House Doesn't Make It Home

This is another story by (Amber)Volleyballgirl527 & Me(msdoneasha13)


Chapter 3

My Life

Kira Pov

I looked at the two girls as they smile at Cameron. I ran a hand through my hair as I sighed. I didn't want to be here already and we just got here.

I saw the girls making small talk with my sister as I stayed silent. I got on the top bunk and laid on it staring at the ceiling.

I already knew Mrs. Howard was going to be trouble. Trouble I didn't need. I stared at the ceiling thinking about my life.

I was 16 years old, My mother was a drug attic and my Dad was in jail for life. I was only 4 years old when me and my sister got put into the system.

I went to Juvi 4 times already. All of them were for fighting. I been kicked out of some many homes I lost count. But the only thing that kept me calm was my sister.

She was my best friend, My other half, my everything. I would do anything for her with no questions asked. My sister was my world.

I sighed as I heard her talking to the Brianna and Maria girl. I couldn't believe this place had 12 other kids. The biggest one we been too yet.

I sighed as I looked over the bed at my sister. She seem to be getting along with the girls. I knew I wouldn't get along with anybody. It was best if I kept my distance. I didn't trust anything or anybody.

I notice the room wasn't that big. It had a television on top of a dresser, A closet, and two bunk bed. Along with one window. I sighed as I glance back at my sister.

Zayden Pov

I nodded in agreement as I looked at my brother.

"You kids will be the death of me" Mom joked as I smile. I shrugged.

"Mom, you will get grandbabies years and years from now" I laughed as I looked at her. She rolled her eyes and I laid on her lap.

"Zay really, get off my lap, your too old for this" She laughed as she pushed me off. I smile as I sat back up and looked at her.

"Don't you have homework or something to do" She told me and I looked at her and shrugged.

"Already done" I told her as she looked at my brother. I grabbed the control turning the channel to the game.

I smile as I saw a basketball game on.

"Oh boy" Mom muttered as she stood up and walked out the living room. I laughed.

"Mom you gone leave me" I yelled after her as I laughed.

"You know it" She yelled back as I shook my head. I sighed as I leaned into the couch and looked at my brother.

"Ready for school tomorrow" I asked him as I looked at him.

"I'm not at all, I'm just want to graduate and play ball for the rest of my life" I told him and sighed.

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