A House Doesn't Make It Home

This is another story by (Amber)Volleyballgirl527 & Me(msdoneasha13)


Chapter 2

This New Start

Cameron's P.O.V.

As I stared at the house in front of me, my mind was racing with different thoughts and emotions. Will this house be one we can call home? Can we fit in? Will we be able to stay for a longer length of time? Will everyone like us? Will we get adopted soon despite being 16 years old now since we only have two years left in the foster care system?

I glanced over at my sister to see her sigh and look over at me. I gave a slight smile as I knew I wanted to stay in some place- even if it was this larger but older looking home, despite it looking nice enough.

I was just glad that at least I had my sister here, because even though it feels lonely at times hopping from home to home- or 10 in the past two months, at least it was nothing compared to the time when we were separated in the system.

After awhile of thinking though, I listened to our case worker explain how with us there would now be 14 kids inside one house. I bit my lip as the case worker continued and in response to our face expressions,

"I know it sounds like a lot of kids, but it's for the best right now, hopefully Kira stays out of trouble this time."

Kira looked over at her and sighed as the case worker beamed a large smile at us, "Come on- let's meet your family"

I followed the case worker in as my sister followed me. When we got inside, a lady that was a bit on the heavier sighed greeted us, "Hello!!! It's nice to finally see the girls. I just know they're going to like it here."

Her red ruby lips then curled around her slightly white, slightly stained average teeth in a smirk before turning the smirk into a smile. I glanced back to see Kira frowning as I ran a hand through my lighter of the two brown hair and smiled back, though knowing it wasn't reaching my faded green eyes that sometimes appeared grey.

Our case worker spoke up, "Girls- this is Mrs. Howard- your new foster parent."

I tilted my head and looked at her as she looked at us.

Parent? Just singular?

The caseworker then looked over at Kira speaking, "Stay out of trouble Kira"

She rolled her eyes and soon we followed Mrs. Howard to a room with two other girls. They both looked at us as Mrs. Howard spoke, "You'll be staying in here with them."

Kira sighed as she left as I shyly followed my sister to the empty bunk bed. I leaned against the frame as one of the girls smiled at us,

"I'm Maria, and this is Brianna"

My sister looked over at me and I looked at the girls giving a gentle smile, "I'm Cameron- Cami for short. This is my sister Kira."

I ran a hand through my brown hair taking a breath whispering, "And it's nice to meet you both."

I looked at the two girls and noticed how Maria was small and very distinct with tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. Brianna on the other hand was tall with blonde hair, light freckled skin, and blue eyes.

Jaxson's Pov

I was currently sitting on the couch with my mom, both of us watching the movie Mighty Ducks. I sighed running a hand through my dark- almost black wavy hair before seeing my brother sit down and look at us, "What's going on?"

Mom looked over at him asking, "Are you coming from the park?"

He nodded as I stared at him with my brown eyes. Zayden spoke, "Played some ball with the guys"

"That's all you do-you're 16 years old and all you do is play ball." Our mom stated back shaking her head as Zay smiled.

I looked at her and sighed, "If baseball didn't need so many people- I would too."

She looked at me, a small frown plastering on her face, "Jax- not helping. You boys need to find something other than sports. Books. Adventure. Heck even girls."

I chuckled and looked over at Zayden then shrugged my shoulders, "No girls in this town are interesting enough."

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