Chapter 1


Remex, a company responsible for finding cures for many sicknesses. They've been doing the world good ever since it's founding, but now that it's newest medicine has been release, it slows the aging process by 20x it's normal length but now a group of villains called Raven wants to take it down. What heroes will rise to stop them? What villains will be born? Why does Raven want to destroy Remex?

Real Name (Make Shuffle of actual First Name. Example: Alex= Leax):
Power (Don't make it really simple like Breathing Fire, but they can do something that ends up being that power like temperature control with their breath.):
Equipment (at least one):
General Appearance:
Age (12-17):

(This is my brother's character because he is the one responsible for the idea, I still need to think of mine.)

Name: Aimesm
Alias: Leech
Power: With a single touch he can drain the victim's life span adding it to his own vitality. (Can't drain life from plants.)
Gender: Male
Equipment: Ivory Revolver with radar.
Personality: Sarcastic and prefers not to lead, he also doesn't like killing innocent people he only wants to destroy the company.
Weakness: Very hesitant to take a human life and he isn't very skilled at hand to hand combat.
Affiliation: Raven
General Appearance: Average height for his age and plain black hair. Has a scrawny build. His villain costume consists of a gray tuxedo with a black tie, hour glass cuff links, and a brass stop watch. He also has a half mask covering the lower part of his face with the picture of the lower half of a skull.
Backstory: Because of his power he was isolated Remex found him with them he had a home, he was experimented on and asked to drain the life of animals. He did it all willingly because he knew it was going to help people. Years later he and Remex found the secret ingredient in the antidote for aging- High fructose corn syrup. After that they dropped him like a piece of brimstone. He soon found out that although the cure was extremely cheap to make they were selling it for thousands. Not only had he been betrayed but everyone was betrayed. He soon met the organization Raven which he joined.
Age: 15

We need 12 heroes and 12 villains, we have back up characters if not every placement gets filled out (which it honestly probably won't get completely filled.) Also the heroes and villains will be made into squads of three. If you have a preference on who you're in a group with then I will try my (and my brother's) best to make sure if happens.

Deadline- June 25

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