I need help. I can't think of a title and I really need one :p

Chapter 1

New book (yes I know I'm writing 20 now) :p

by: Luxray100
So last night I had a dream that I didn't get to the ending of and I really wanted to find out what happened so, of course, I started a new book.

Ok here's the gist of it.

10 year old Yoshikazu (Kazu for short) is the youngest in his family with 8 older brothers. But even by his family's standards he isn't normal. Unbeknownst to young Kazu his family has a big secret turned dark.

After making a big mistake Kazu is somewhat confused when two of his brothers tell him that their father want's Kazu to go with them to do "chores."

But when his brother Isamu warns him, once they stopped, that he and their other brother were supposed to kill him he urges Kazu to run. Which he does.

When Kazu finds a lone farmhouse in the middle of nowhere he is quickly taken in by the family living there. But he finds he has a strange connection with the newborn baby they have there.

But secretly it is all a plot by his father. He never wanted Kazu killed but used it as a ruse so that Kazu would be told to run when they stopped in the right area. The only place he would find would be the house with the baby.

Kazu doesn't know but his father and brothers all have powers that they use in their work as assassins. Because Kazu is only 10 he doesn't know yet because his powers wouldn't usually surface till he was 12 or 13.

So I really need a title for this book because it bugs me to see it as "Hey Kazu" in my folder just because that was the first sentence and I figured what the heck I'll just leave it for now.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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