Chapter 1


Playing with puzzles sure used to be fun-
even with the many pieces to have to think through
because in a way for me it allowed me to relax
and when it all became too hard- at least there was the aid of the box.

I remember when I was nine
my teacher brought out a new puzzle;
I remember my classmates and I all ran toward the sight
where we worked together to get the job done

It was something we could accomplish
It was something that was fun.

It was something we could all enjoy
It was something that could be calm.

Flash forward to ten years later, where I'm sitting now
and I have to be honest, I'm starting to hate puzzles
because I'm just so confused
since when did the pieces turn to people?

I'm just trying to solve what my life is going to be like
but the pieces that make it up constantly change
where some say they love you but then go away
and others say you're beautiful- but hey that's not in my faith.

And when it becomes all that more hopeless
I think to myself- maybe I just won't solve who I will become
and right when I'm content with that answer so that I can just start living in the present
something drags me back to this puzzle-

and damn those who do
because I'm really starting to loathe this game
since I feel like I'm drowning under all the components
and I no longer know what can be done.

Playing with puzzles sure used to be fun
but that was then and this is now
where the objective to the puzzle has changed
making the stakes all that more high.


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