Thorne Summer

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this. I know it needs a BUNCH of editing! But I hope you still like this book! :)

Chapter 1

The first day of 7th grade

It’s The First Day Of 7th Grade! I am Super Excited! I get On The Bus! I see Ava But She’s with A guy and there holding hands and talking ,since when did she get a boyfriend?? I sat in the seat behind her trying to listen, I didn’t hear much but I did hear him ask if she wanted to come over at 6:00 p.m tomorrow, we stopped at the next bus stop and then came on Brooklyn and she came and plopped down right by me . I asked her when did Ava Get a boyfriend? She said “ 1 Month ago” “They Met At A Roller Skating Rink” Oh Okay ‘ I said”
What’s his name? Jacob Hemming’s “She said” Thats so cool “I am Happy for her” “I say” Me too “ Brooklyn Says” We stop at the next bus stop and This boy comes on. Brooklyn asks isn’t he hot? I say yeah, whats his name? William Passer “Brooklyn Says”
Wow“ I say” She says yeah, he’s new here but I met him when I was biking around, guess what I found out? He’s looking for a GIRLFRIEND!!! “Really? “I say” yeah, you gonna make a move? “ She Says” Maybe “ I say” We pull up at school, I get off the bus and Walk into the school with 5$, And bought a lemonade and then the bell rang.
I went to Math First and I saw Skye and we sat by each other and on the other side of him was his girlfriend Morgan Smart, “I say” Did you study for the math test yesterday? “ Skye Says” WHAT? THERE WAS A MATH TEST!!! “I say” YES THERE WAS A MATH TEST! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! “He says” i don’t know I completely forgot about it, I thought it was next week. And then I had a couple more classes then lunch which is where the group meets up…
Thorne Summer
Brooklyn Anderson
Morgan Smart
Joseph Shaw
Jacob Hemming’s
Skye Knight
Ava Bensen
So we all sit at the lunch table and we eat and we’re talking about How it’s the first day of school and how happy we are that we are here and how our classes went and stuff. Skye and Morgan Said they where going to the bathroom they said I honestly don’t believe them so I go and go check the girls bathroom and and Morgans not in there so I know that there not going to the bathroom, so I head to the football field and guess what I caught them making out. They saw me and they stopped immediately they got up and walked right by me and I was very surprised skye’s one of my best friends. I am now heading to ms. Blackburns class which is history my favorite class!I get good grades and the teacher is awesome, In that class i share it with Joseph Shaw which is Brooklyn’s BoyFriend he sat three seat’s ahead of me, me and him don’t really talk much, even though him and Brooklyn are dating we don’t talk really I don’t know him that well. Him and Brooklyn are definitely in love though. I don’t have a boyfriend but I am planing on talking to that William Guy. Next I go To Gym and guess who’s in there that William Guy and guess what else we’re playing a game and everyone got a partner except me and him so guess what we have to be partner’s yay! So we Talk a little and we get to know each other he’s 12 and he’s pretty funny and kind so we are planning on hanging out! Yes! So after that there’s a couple more classes then I get back on the bus but instead of sitting by Brooklyn I sat by William and guess what while we where talking he asked me out! I of course said yes! So the next day I went to school and sat on the bus with Brooklyn until William came on and before William’s stop I told Brooklyn everything and then she told me “OMG luckeyyyy! Yeah my Boyfriend asked me out on a date too! I say That’s so cool! yeah
Let’s hang out soon! Yeah Text me later

I get home and then William bikes to my house and we just talk and then we build a shelter outside and he goes to get another stick and then the fort Randomly collapses, I started laughing so hard!!!! It was kind of embarrassing.. I think I might be in Love…
I get to the dinner table and I tell mom about me getting to see my friends and stuff and how I made a new friend named William, she doesn’t want me to grow up so she’s super protective and so she was like who is he how old is he is he your boyfriend blablablablabla I said mom stop everything is fine just calm down he’s a boy and he’s my age 12 we are just really good friends (P.S That was a lie and i’m really bad at lying)
But surprisingly she believed me. So now i’m heading to the school bus I get on the bus. Ava is again with Jacob, So I sit in a empty seat and Then at Brooklyn’s bus stop she comes on the bus and doesn’t sit by me she sit’s by her bf who recently started riding the bus and that made me kind of sad.. so next we stop at William’s stop and he comes and sit’s right by me and we talk, and such and then he say’s are you still down for Friday? And I say yes. I still have to figure out how i’m gonna get out of the house. Well i’ll do anything for William he is the best! I kind of made plans with Ava omg I forgot I need to talk to Ava!

So we get to school and I head to Math again and sit down and skye comes in with his girlfriend and then he doesn’t sit by me he sit’s by Joseph, this is weird he was never friends with Joseph… When did they become friends?? This year is so weird, But instead of Skye sitting by me William did! I am so happy that we’re dating. My parents still don’t know anything about him but his name and age, I decided I am gonna tell my mom that I'm staying at Ava’s. Me and Ava decided this the other day so i’m gonna be going on the date and then spending the night at Ava’s. I am so freaking excited. I can’t believe he asked me out. I am so out of his league, he is so hot and funny and Strong. I still think he’s to good for me though. I am just the luckiest person in the world.
So I head to school and it’s Friday which means it’s date day! Brooklyn again sits by her bf and William sit’s by me. We talk about what we’re gonna do for the date and he said I’m gonna take you roller skating. I say yay! Because everyone know’s how good I am at rollerskating and I love it! So we talk more about what’s going on in our lives and then we get to the school and I do all my other classes and then William comes and sits at my table! And I introduce him to everyone and then we all talk and stuff and guess what Joseph and Morgan and Skye go to and empty table and talk… What are they up too.

So then we go to History and Joseph sit’s by me and I ask What have you and Skye and Morgan been talking about? I can’t say “He Says” Why? I can’t talk now “ He Say’s”
Okay… I’ll talk to you later.

After History class this really hot guy comes up to me and asks me out and of course I say no. But I felt so bad, So I told him we could still be friends so I gave him my number, and he text’s me later and is just like being weird I kind of regret giving him my number. I can tell he still likes me so I decided to tell him that I have a bf, and then guess what? he doesn't text me again for 3 days and then when he texts me he’s like I’m sorry but I don’t think this friendship thing will work. I kind of want to punch him in the face!

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