You Will be Mine

Karushi Yaru and Mikami Unaki are two very different boys. Different boys, similar minds. Both boys have been orphans for as long as they can remember and have grown up together in a small orphanage that was very seldomly visited. Mikami's parents were murdered and Karushi's disappeared without a trace. They were later assumed to be dead. Karushi can't help but wonder why they left or disappeared, and Mikami is left with small but horrible memories of his parents' killer and what he did to him.

Chapter 1

Mikami and Karushi

by: Lawli_pop
Each of the children at the small orphanage had a tragic story. All of them either had parents who were murdered or disappeared. Every child has something in common- They had never been accepted. They each had something strange about them and the reason for the absence or death of the parental figures was unknown.
Karushi Yaru is determined to one day find his family- thoroughly convinced that they were still alive. In spite of what everyone had told him. He and his roommate, Mikami Unaki, are both now fourteen years of age, having been without the love and comfort of a family for many years- although memory and sadness was still tightly clinging to each of them.
Mikami was a very young boy when his family, including his older sister and baby brother, were slaughtered right in front of him. The killer wore all black and had stabbed them to death. Then he proceeded to threaten Mikami and forced the crying boy to the ground. Mikami was molèsted that night by the same unknown murderer who had killed his family and mercilessly beat him. The dak-haired boy was left for dead when he was found and brought to a small orphanage called Ayugani-san's. The boy was affraid. Of everything. He never trusted anyone and hid his emotions from everyone. He only began to open up a bit when he met Karushi Yaru- his roommate. Karushi had a habbit of seeing the cup as half full. He was always out to make Mikami happy, and the two soon became friends. Mikami was an odd person- to say the least. He was a neat-freak and always had to have everything clean, perfect, and symmetrical. He usually wore a black long sleved T-shirt and black leather pants. He also had a small..... fluffy fetish.... He loved anything soft and always had a pillow with him, as it gave him some sort of safe feeling.
Karushi was messy. In every way possible. He left clothes on the floor, never combed his brown hair, got food on his face when he ate and forget about a made bed. But he was the most caring friend you could ever have. Karushi could usually be seen eating pretzels and playing pokemon or minecraft on the Ps3 hooked up to the TV in the boys' bedroom. Pretzels were one of the things he ate most often. Karushi's outfit normally consisted of a Tshirt of some sort, a plaid cotton jacket, jeans, and a neyon bandana around his neck. The mismatched clothing varied anywhere from pajamas to whatever he picked up off the floor.
The two were best friends the moment they met. Karushi hears that Mikami's family had been murdered and, though he does not know even half of what happened, wants to do everything he can to help. He has never felt such a strong feeling for anyone in his life before. He doesn't quite understand it yet- but in spite of the fact that they're polar opposites- he has fallen deeply in love with the unsuspecting Mikami.

Mikami curled up against the wall at the corner of his bed and hugged his pillow tightly to his chest as he watched Karushi play minecraft on his Ps3. He was building a huge mansion that he had been working on for about a week.
Karushi popped annother pretzel into his mouth as he stared up at the screen, focusing on the addicting game.
He acknowledged the voice from behind him with a nod. "Yeah?"
"Do you trust me?"
What was THAT supposed to mean?
"Yeah. Why wouldn't I? You're my best friend, Mikami-san."
"Oh, I don't know." The bored sounding pillow-lover sighed. "I don't trust many people. But I trust you, Karushi-kun. I have gone through a lot- and I just wanted to thank you for being there for me when I felt like breaking down or had nightmere."
Karushi turned his head towards his friend. He had not expected such an out-of-the-blue comment- but it felt good to hear it from Mikami.
I wonder why....
"Y-Yeah no problem. Anything for my best friend."
Mikami continued arranging the pillows on his bed as perfectly as possible, as if he had not just said anything.
(A/N: I forgot to mention this is a yaoi story and may contain- scratch that- WILL contain smutt in later chapters so if that's not your thing then screw you. Don't like don't read. Simple as that.)

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