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Chapter 1


You can dangle your love in front of me
You can dance with my skeleton if you want
but let me tell you something
I'm hollow to the point of haunt.

I've been bruised and sliced-
I've been left behind to rot
I'm not the same girl that I was
but yet when I look at you- it's like I forgot.

After all, when I see your smile-
When I hear what you have to say
I don't feel as empty
and I can feel the sun coming to a new day.

It's a little crazy if you ask me
in fact- it's all a little too much
because I know I'm broken
and yet you don't treat me as such.

You treat me like a queen
and not some sort of damsel in distress
making me have all this genuine hope
that maybe- maybe I'm not that bad of a mess.

However, it needs to be expressed that I don't think that's reality-
I know I'm not the prettiest girl on the block
I know I'm nothing special
and the truth is I believe I'll never deserve any sort of expensive rock.

I just don't want you to take on such a project
where my cracks run in the foundation
that for all I know could be far worse than even I imagine,
but maybe that's because I don't think I deserve your flirtation.

And in perfect honesty, I'm scared that I'll fall for you
because I know I'm not quite ready
as I see my skeleton in the closet everyday
making me feel all that more unsteady.

Then though, I think of your smile
and I again think of those words you express
with how you dangle your love in front of me
and how you're so willing to dance with my skeleton that can easily feel distress.

I'm telling you though, I'm hollow to the point of haunt.


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