Last Writes

Last Writes

5 People. 5 Reasons. 5 Ways. 1 Life.

Chapter 3


by: Luxray100
“No mistakes.” I thought as I stared at the bottle of painkillers my sister got after getting her wisdom teeth removed. “No mistakes.” I’m not sure how many it would take to get the job done. “No mistakes.” I decided to just keep taking one after another until it worked. “No mistakes.” I never wanted to take that dumb class. “No mistakes.” What future lawyer needs to take wood shop? “No mistakes.” It wasn’t my fault all the other electives were full. “No mistakes.”

“Hey C? You almost done in there I gotta pee?” My sister, Willow, said as she knocked on the door. “No mistakes.” “Use the other bathroom. And I thought you were in bed.” I told her. “No mistakes.” “I was then I had to pee so hurry up! The other bathroom is all the way downstairs.” She told me. “No mistakes.” “Then you’ll just have to go there.” I said as I wished for her to leave. “No mistakes.” She huffed in frustration, “Fine!” she said before I heard her rush down the hall. “No mistakes.”

I looked at my diary that now had the words “I’M SORRY” written on it in bold, black marker. “No mistakes.” So one after another I began placing a pill in my mouth and sipping water out of the cup I brought in. “No mistakes.” I kept repeating after every pill. I started to have trouble breathing and decided I was getting close. I took three more pills before curling up on the bathroom floor. “No mistakes.” I stared at the dolphin clock hanging above the door. 8:43. “C? C? Cedar you still in there?” I heard Willow call as she knocked on the door, “Cedar!”

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