Last Writes

Last Writes

5 People. 5 Reasons. 5 Ways. 1 Life.

Chapter 27

Chapter 22

by: Luxray100
“Why would… Why would someone want to kill him?” Cedar wondered aloud. “I think the better question is who would actually try?” Tony said. “The azzhole I was named after.”

Everyone’s head shot back towards the voice to see John standing where he was when they all first got there. He still seemed to be breathing deeply but other than that looked like he had before. Wet but not dripping.

“Are you ok?” Tony asked him. “For once I’m actually glad I’m alive. Better than that azz actually killing me himself. I knew he was fvked up but that’s messed even for him.” John told him. “So that was your dad?” Cedar asked. “Can you believe he’s never won the Father of the Year award?” John said sarcastically.

“Why would he want to kill you?” Lilly asked him. “Dumbazz probably thought he’d get the life insurance. But it’d be called suicide if no one caught him and either way he won’t get any.” John told her. “He’s why isn’t he?” Cedar said. John sighed with some frustration, “Yeah pretty much.”

“What about your mom?” William asked. “Dead.” John said simply. “Sorry.” He told him. “For what? It’s not like you killed her.” John told him. “I know but…” William started. “I’m not hung up on my mom ok? My relationship with my parents was purely biological.” John explained. “What about your friends?” Cedar asked. “What friends? Closest thing was an old homeless guy I barely talked to. Unless you’d like to count the gang bangers who tried to recruit me all the time. Then I had plenty.” He told her.

“So I guess that when we disappear it means that we crashed.” John said as he changed the subject. “So how long do you think it’ll be before they can’t bring us back anymore?” William asked. “The chances of being brought back even once is only about seventeen percent so I don’t think any of us are gonna actually make it another round.” He told him. “Where do you get all this stuff?” Tony asked John. “I honestly have no idea. I just pick it up from places and remember some of it at random times.” John explained. “So if you’re so smart why were you wasting your time with stuff like vandalism and missing school?” Cedar asked. “A: I prefer the term “Art”; and B: not every person with a few IQ points gets a middle class life in the burbs and a school system that gives a rat’s azz about anyone. There’s tons of kids way smarter than me all over the globe that fall through the cracks. It happens all the time.”

“What about your teachers? If any of them noticed that you had an eidetic memory wouldn’t they do something?” Cedar asked. “Low grade public school with books that look like they were made fifty years ago and covered in graffiti both inside and out. At most I was interesting for a little while then it blew over. I was still the kid with a bad attitude who skipped all the time.” John told her. “Why’d you always skip?” William asked. “Because I felt like it. School was boring so I didn’t like going.” John replied. “Did your dad have something to do with it?” Tony asked. “God dam it this is just one of the reasons I didn’t tell you. Not everything in my life was because of him.” John said.

“Did anything happen when you disappeared?” Lilly asked. John nodded, “I’m pretty sure I woke up for a few seconds because I remember looking at my dad when he cut off the oxygen. Basard.” “Wait,” William said, “does that mean that we could all still survive? And get another chance?” John shrugged, “Considering where we are I think it’s safe to say it’s possible.” he said.

“It would be nice if we actually knew what this place was though.” Cedar said. “I’d just be happy with the why.” Tony said. “I actually have a couple ideas.” They all looked at John. “What?” Cedar asked. “If you take what little we do know you can kinda piece together a few possibilities.” He told them.

“I’ve been thinking about how you guys talked about why you wanted to live or whatever and look different than when we first got here. Then I thought about the whole disappearing thing and what was going on.” He looked at Cedar, “When you disappeared you wanted your sis to be safe, to protect her, right?” Cedar nodded. “But when William poofed he didn’t really have any mental reason. Lilly mentioned an idea of it having something to do with our actual bodies which got a big boost after what happened when I apparently left.

“This could just be some sick joke by the universe to make us regret killing ourselves which may or may not let you live in the end, or just an adult Soul Piper thing to get us ready to die.” John told them. “Any theories on the disappearing acts you guys have been doing?” Lilly asked him. “Cedar died, went poltergeist to save her sister, hospital did its job and saved her. William just up and died but didn’t have time to go anywhere before his hospital did its thing. And I’m guessing basic survival instinct kicked in a bit on me since I wasn’t getting any air but didn’t have enough time on the clock to actually do anything about it. So I guess we disappear if we just wake up too.” He said. “How long were you thinking about all that?” Tony asked. John just shrugged.

“If we all have a chance to live do you think there’s anything we could do to increase our odds?” Lilly wondered aloud. “Other than keeping the will to live I don’t think it’s really up to us at this point.” John told her. “So all we can do right now is hope…” William said.

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