Last Writes

Last Writes

5 People. 5 Reasons. 5 Ways. 1 Life.

Chapter 2


by: Luxray100
I sat on the ledge and stared up at the stars. I wonder if that’s what happens to people when they die. Do we become stars and watch the people we used to know? Or is it just nothing? Who knows? Maybe there is a God and a Heaven waiting somewhere. I switch my gaze from the stars to the water below me. It was cool tonight. I glanced over at one of those digital billboards. It said it was 8:42pm and 51 degrees Fahrenheit out.

I pulled my small notebook out of my pocket. This was the closest thing to a family I had. Mom OD’d last year on heroin. Dad didn’t seem to care. Just gave him another excuse to drink. He’ll probably use me as one too. Not that it mattered anyway. No one has ever tried to stop my dad from doing what he does. Even if I try to hide them or make excuses it’s not like my bruises are invisible. Not the scar above my eyebrow or those times I went to school wearing a cast. I could’ve asked for help I suppose, but I didn’t. ‘Take it like a man’ as dad always said.

“Hey kid. You ok?” I looked over to see a police officer shining a flashlight at me. I set the notebook down about two feet away from me on the ledge and looked back at the water. ‘I will be.’ I thought before pushing myself off the ledge and towards the water below.

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