Last Writes

Last Writes

5 People. 5 Reasons. 5 Ways. 1 Life.

Chapter 1


by: Luxray100
I thought about leaving a note. Just to let them all know why I’m holding a gun to my head right now. Oh well. They’ll probably find my journal eventually. I keep it hidden deep under my mattress. No way could I ever show anyone. At least not while I’m alive. It wasn’t school. I was the MVP this year in basketball. We didn’t make it to state but we made it to the league championships. It wasn’t my friends. They were always pretty cool. But I never really felt like I belonged with them. Like everything I did was just a front. Keeping up my appearance. And it wasn’t necessarily my family either. I hope they’ll be able to move on after I’m gone. I looked at my clock. 8:43pm. My parents went out to dinner with some friends and wouldn’t be back for at least another hour. I took a deep breath. “Tony?!” BANG!

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