Here It Goes Again

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Chapter 1


Here it goes again
laughing only to play pretend
so no one can see the scars inside
that keep leading me to the same dead end.

Here it goes again
the heartbreak that started it all
that once led me to your arms
now leading my back to be against the wall.

I'll fight as much as I can
but your voice is keeping me where we met
and for a few months I broke free
only to find the truth which has caused much regret.

As much as I try- I can't seem to let go
and as much as I can love- my heart is stuck
because you were the first and I fear the only
that reached the deepest parts of heart- making me now out of luck.

So here we go again
writing only to think I can let go
so no one can see the stitches being ripped apart
that have me going back to our time- that really was so long ago.


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