Last Night 5-31-16 (True Story) 6-1-2016

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
So last night I felt a terrifying presence in my room. I’m not an easy person to scare but for some reason I was. I haven’t felt anything in this room since I moved into it a few months ago but I knew there was something in here because of my sister who used to live here. She once moved her bed partially into her closet to have more room but she didn’t keep it that way a week before moving it back. She said she felt something evil in there and at one point she woke up and saw the shadow of a man standing at the foot of her bed. She slept on the couch that night.

The feeling was so strong for me that I couldn’t get myself to stay either. I didn’t even want to come back in after telling my grandma about it. I ended up turning on the light but the second I walked through the door it was an instant change from the normalness of the hallway. It was like hitting a brick wall. I quickly rushed to my bed and grabbed my pillow before turning the light off, leaving, and closing the door. I have never felt anything that strong. Not fear like that.

So I went to my old room that is now my sisters. When I turned on the light and walked in there was a single rose sitting on the ground in front of the bed. I have no clue where it came from or where it could’ve come from. I set it on a stool in there before getting in the bed. The streamers I had in there were gone since my sister and I switched rooms but I could still feel like someone was there. Not the bad one I had in this room. But the one I had gotten used to in there. The one in there was famous for playing with the streamers in my room. The door and window would be closed but one streamer would move as if someone had touched it and it would move back and forth before all of them moved down the line and stopping at another that moved on its own.

Another odd thing that had happened before in that room was when a stuffed dog I have ended up in the right hand corner of my room sitting up as if someone had placed it there. Both me and my grandma swore that it had been on my bed in the morning but every day when I got home it was in that corner. This happened three days in a row before I moved my bed against that wall. That very night the big picture that had been above my head before I moved it fell down. Landing right where my head would’ve been.

The feeling I had in my old room last night felt as if that one was still there and was happy that I was. I felt as if it was going to try to protect me. Like it didn’t know if it could but would try. I slept a lot better in there last night compared to how I would’ve if I stayed in this room. So far today and tonight I haven’t felt the evil presence that was here last night. Hopefully it’s gone. At least for a while.


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