Love Me Until The End

so somebody asked us to make another part to the story. So were back with Jazmine and Tray, Along with Layla and Nate.

Chapter 2

The Adult Life is Still a Kid's Life

Layla's P.O.V.

The sky, a canvas for the colors of both sunsets and sunrises, have always been something I admired, and as I stood out on the balcony letting my eyes rake over the swirl of colors, I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. Smiling, I looked behind me to see Nate with that smile of his plastered onto his face.

"Morning" I stated with a happy sigh.

He kissed my cheek in a good morning itself before replying, "Rose is showering now for her day at 6th grade."

I nodded and turned around, my hands resting on his chest. "Thank you Nate for getting her up."

Nate smiled and kissed my forehead, his arms snaking around my hips, "You don't have to thank me, you had to start getting breakfast ready Layla"

I shrugged my shoulders and chuckled, "Well you know- it's the least I can do before I have to go to work right away in order to get off by the end of the school day"

Nate nodded with a smirk, "My busy wife here"

I laughed and shoved him playfully, "Don't tease." Pulling back, I looked up at him softly and smiled, "I have to go now though really, tell Rose I love her and I'll be at the school at 3 to pick her up."

Nate planted his soft lips against mine, which I couldn't help but melt into as my heart raced up like it did when we were still young and kids- well teens. Kissing back briefly, I smiled, but had to restrain myself in order to pull away.

"I love you" Nate commented.

I smiled playfully pushing him away and looking up into his green eyes with my faded teal ones, "I love you too, and I'll see you tonight."

He nodded and handed me by work brief case before kissing my forehead, "Go get those patients Layla"

I laughed and nodded, blowing a kiss to him before heading out of the door and off to work. Today would be a good day, as my adult life still made me feel like I was 16. The only thing that could limit it in anyway was my thoughts with how I exactly I would tell Nate that I was pregnant for a second time, but hey- when wasn't I absorbed int thoughts anyways?

Rose's P.O.V.

I had just finished getting ready when I heard the front door close. Popping my head out of my bedroom, I glanced around the hall, "Dad?"

My dad came jogging over out of his and mom's room and smiled, "What's up Rose?"

"Did mom leave?" I questioned.

"She had to go to work." He replied tilting his head, as he knew I knew that, "She wanted to say goodbye and that she loved you, but also that she would pick you up today because I was work until dinner."

I nodded and smiled, "Well is breakfast ready?"

Laughing, he ruffled my sandy hair that was a blend between both parents', "you sure do have my appetite, but yes your mother made cinnamon rolls from scratch, your grandmother's recipe."

I couldn't help but grin and walk out of my bedroom, clothing on point for another day in middle school, before poking my dad's side with a tilt of my head as my teal eyes that were more muddled than anything raked over to the kitchen as the aroma greeted me when the two of us walked there together.

Sitting down at the table, I ate my cinnamon roll, making small talk with my dad until it was time for him to drive me to school. The ride was uneventful, and the school day was also rather uneventful. The cousins I didn't see as per usual, and nothing exciting really happened because it was the same old routine. Classes. Lunch. More classes. Bell rings. Mom picks me up.

When I got into the car though at the end of the day, my mom smiled as she took out her business bun and spoke, "Have a good day?"

"It was normal, so yeah, can't complain." I replied, my tone thick with indifference but contentment.

Nodding, she put our family car that I know when I turn 16 will get before responding, "Normal is better than anything awful."

I nodded in agreement before a relaxing, but quiet ride home was taken over like a light rain shower that's usually welcomed.

Nate's P.O.V.

The day was long, full of work yet life. It was really like being a teenager sometimes, and though Rose may not realize it, mine and Layla's life really were still a kid's life in the making. However, once 5 o'clock rolled around, my day at work was completed and I headed home. Once I got there, I could hear the television on Sports Network, which was always my way of knowing that Layla was relaxing and that Rose needed no help with homework for the night.

So with that intuition in place, I walked behind our overstuffed grey sectional, and kissed Layla's neck tenderly. She let out a soft chuckle and teased,

"Nate stop, I'm watching highlights here"

I laughed and continued to kiss down her neck toward her collarbone, causing her head to fall back, where her lips kissed my cheek, she always knew the right way to react. However, the phone ruined our hello by ringing, and I walked over to it, leaning against the wall opening frame, "Hello, this is Nate"

"Hey Nate, I'm taking Deshawn and Keylan to the store, you want to come with?" Tray's voice stated through the other end of the phone.


"Jazzy said Hi"

I noticed Layla looking over at me, her teal eyes filling with curiosity as I heard Rose let out a groan of frustration. This caused Layla to get up and head to the other room. However, without the distraction of my beautiful wife, I answered,

"Yeah I'll come to the store, we need a few things here that I still haven't picked up anyways." I paused and smiled, "And I say hey back."

I then ran a hand through my hair as Layla walked back in with a soft wink before mouthing the word, "Algebra"

I nodded in response before mouthing what Tray had said. Layla nodded and grinned gesturing to the t.v. which meant basically fine more time for sports for me.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at my wife playfully before asking Tray, "Should I come to your place or meet you at the store or have you come here?"

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