The Black Sheep (poem)

Chapter 1

The Black Sheep

by: Luxray100
I look like them,
But they don’t see it,
I try to act like them,
But I just can’t defeat it,
My differences are apparent,
And they all seem to hate it,
I am the black sheep,
And that’s all I’ll ever be,

It’s like they say “baa,”
While I say “neigh,”
From the day I got my name,
I’ve never been the same,
I can’t deny it,
I don’t fit in,
I’m just too different from them,
I am the black sheep,
And that’s all I’ll ever be,

They say “stay close,”
They say “don’t leave,”
But I know they think,
“she’s nothing like me,”
I am the same but don’t act the same,
How can this be true?
Am I really a sheep,
or am I just a freak,
Trying to blend in?
I am the black sheep,
Is that all I’ll ever be?

Baa baa black sheep,
Is this really me?
No sir, no sir,
Can’t I just be Me?

They look the same,
They act the same,
Just another flock of sheep,
Baa baa I’m the black sheep,
They don’t like my name,
Baa baa I'm the black sheep,
I’ll never be the same.


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