Death's Blade

A teenage boy, tortured with the ability to read minds. A brother who only wants to hurt him. A power-hungry father who strives for world domination.
Evan was taken from his abusive home as a child and has lived in an orphanage for years. One day he decides to run away to escape all the thoughts invading his mind when he meets a girl named Hannah. The girl is a tool used by Evan's father to bring mind readers to him and use them to murder anyone who gets in his way.
Should he fight, or submit?

Chapter 1

Dressed in White

by: Lawli_pop
Evan stared at the ground. His feet hurt from running.
Rain started to drip onto the park bench he hung his legs from, muddy pools of rainwater gathering around his feet on the ground.

Thoughts rushed through the teen boy's mind. His father hated him. He would tell him he was useless. Stupid. A disappointment. But he knew the man thought less of him than that.

He rubbed at the bruise on his face. Tears fell to the ground. He wondered why people hated him so much. Why did he have to be so different? Was that why the cruel man he was ashamed to call his father hurt him so badly? His father had nearly killed him. But someone had found him and he was taken away.

The orphanage he now stayed at was full of many different types of children. Some were popular, some were cruel, and others were simply alone. Evan fit himself into the alone catagory. One boy had puhed him around that day. Tried to start a fight. Hit him.
It felt bad, and the words spat at him were hurtful, but the mind of the cruel boy showed why he acted the way he did.

Both of the boy's parents were dead and he was beaten and burned as a child by their murderer.
Evan knew what death and hurt were like. His father had shot his mother in a fight. Right in front of him and his brother. Then he had run off and left them alone... Evan and his fraternal twin brother, Matt. Someone had taken him away, but didn't see his unconscious brother lying on the floor.
When he woke up at the orphanage without his brother, Evan was terrified. The people at the orphanage attempted to calm him down, but did not succeed. He tried to tell them that his brother was still at home, and they did go and look, but Matt was gone. Nowhere to be seen in the entire building. Evan would have gone back to look for his brother himself, but he was too afraid his father would be there. That place was a horror house. And Evan never wanted to go back.

The puddles around his feel grew as the rain got heavier.
The sound of the cool rain was calming. Evan gazed into the gray sky and wondered if he would ever have a real home. Where he wouldn't be hurt. He wondered if he would ever fit in. Most of all, he wondered if he would ever find his brother-- and found himself full of regret and self loathing for not going back to look for him.

Evan's ears perked up when he heard footsteps approached him.
He turned and looked behind him to see a girl with long brown hair and pail skin. She wore a white, flowy silk dress and a white rose pinned long tumbles of wavy blonde hair behind her left ear.

"Hello, Evan." The girl smiled.

Evan stared back and tried to read her mind. Surprisingly, and honestly a little shockingly, he got nothing.
The girl shook her head.

"I know your abilities. You cannot read my mind. Here, I'm sure you're quite confused. Come with me and I'll explain everything." The girl took his hand. Evan pulled away sharply. He didn't know this girl. Why should he go anywhere with her? And how did she know his name?

"Stay away from me." He mumbled. "Leave me alone."

"I have a feeling you'll want to follow me." The girl smirked in a rather seductive way, that unfortunately drew the attention of the teenage boy on the bench.

"I-I said go away." Evan stuttered.

The pretty blonde leaned down to whisper in his ear. "But why, Evan? Don't you think you'd rather come with me than sit in the rain all day?"

"B-Because... I don't even know you! Who the hell are you and how do you know my name??" He demanded.

"I'll explain everything if you come with me....." She explained. "I know where your brother is."

Evan's eyes widened and he immediately stood up. "How do you know about Matt?"

"I've known for a long time. Now are you going to come with me or not?"

Evan brushed a hand through his honey-brown hair, his curiosity nd amazement getting the better of him.

"I'll go."

( A/N: Really sorry about the short chapter.... got rushed..... I will get started on the next one asap. Also, if some things in the story don't quite match up, I'm going through and editing the chapters to make them better so I haven't gotten to all of them yet. My apologies for any confusion.)

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