Reb00t (An original group story)

Reb00t (An original group story)

Its the year 2152. In first world countries new robots have been created to fight in the place of humans in the wars. Unlike robots in other parts of the world these new robots are highly intelligent AI’s programed for nothing but their roles in their squads of five. One squadrent encounters an electromagnetic blast causing them to gain human emotion. They are now being hunted.

Order: Luxray100, dovestorm, bleed1313, Squirtle831, GrimEchoKnight, and of course, SugarKart. :)

Chapter 1

Shut Down and Reboot

by: Luxray100
I am R3014. My mission is to scout the base of a well-known cyber terrorist, known only as D0M1NA70R, and report back to my squad commander R24601 to await further instruction. Of our five member squadron I am the scout. I was built specifically for stealth and minor combat. My squad mates are R24601 the commander, R1311 the tank, and R40332 and RF37198T the soldiers. R40332 is red and RF37198T is blue but that is the only difference in their design.

I inch closer to the target’s base. With my cloaking system on and in the cover of night I am invisible to all humans and most other robots. Using my night vison I can see three guards. Two human. One robot. If they were all human I would send a silent sonar pulse. However I cannot risk the chance of their robot sensing it and thus finding my location. I must search the perimeter manually.

Using the surrounding trees I jump silently from branch to branch, slowly making my way around the entrance. My cloaking device makes me invisible but cannot hide any marks I make on the ground. Seeing no other exterior guards I begin my search for another entrance or exit.

It takes an hour of carefully circling the perimeter multiple times before I decide to scope out the entrance. Using our cloaking devices will only help so much. They surrounded their entrance with sand allowing them to see where we step. I can only assume it is the same behind the door. Getting in will be the easy part. Completing our mission and getting out will be harder. ’R3014 come in.’ I hear Commander R24601 broadcast to me, ’What is your location.’ ’I am outside the targets base. I will return shortly.’ I send back.

I quickly made my way back to my squad before revealing myself in front of Commander R24601. “What is it you have to report, R3014?” They ask. “There is only one visible entrance surrounded by sand on the outside and most likely the inside as well. There were two human guards and one robot.” “Was the robot advanced?” They asked. “It didn’t appear so but I suggest we assume it is at least somewhat advanced.” Commander R34601 nodded. After a few moments of calculation we received the plan. The soldiers R40332 and RF37198T would go in first and take out the outer guards. Then R1311 would blast through the door giving me a chance to enter behind them and scout ahead while sending the information back as I went. I wasn’t built for heavy combat but tanks on the other hand are nearly indestructible. So staying close to the tank is usually beneficial and allows me to do my job without too much of a risk of being shot and broken. During this R24601 would be doing the same job as the soldiers as well as broadcasting information and orders for us to process.

It was o’300 hours when we commenced our attack. Our entry went as planed and as I suspected there was sand not only at the entrance but throughout the building. Our cloaking devices would help to hide our bodies but not our locations. After entering the others didn’t waste their energy by keeping them on but having mine on would still be beneficial.

While their human guards were distracted and eliminated I moved forward. My new task was to try and find D0M1NA70R and either kill or capture him. The other humans and a few robots that ran past were too distracted by the commotion my squad mates were causing to notice the tracks I had created in the sand. As long as I avoided being ran into by one of them none of them would notice me. The others had finished off the humans and robots where they were and were now making their way towards my current location.

It only took a few minutes before locating D0M1NA70R’s position. I instantly sent the information to Commander R24601 and the others. R24601 told me to enter the room and prevent him from leaving long enough for the rest of my squad to get there.

I busted down the door standing between me and D0M1NA70R before turning my cloaking device off. I saw a man standing in front of several computers and appeared to be wiping their memory. “D-0-M-1-N-A-7-0-R, stand down and come quietly or I will be forced to shoot you.” I told him as I pointed the gun in my arm at him. “Jeeze, no matter how advanced they make you things they never get that it’s pronounced Dominator.” He said as he turned around. Three more guards appeared in the room with him. “Your information is acknowledged. If you don’t come peacefully I will be forced to shoot.” I told him again. “Dom just fry it and let’s get out of here.” One of the soldiers told him. “I can’t allow that.” I said before pointing my gun at the man. I was about to shoot but found that I could no longer move.

D0M1NA70R placed a small device back in his pocket and approached me. “This thing is insane. Must be one of their newest models.” He said somewhat to himself. “We need to leave now. Is the system wiped?” The other man asked. “Yeah yeah yeah. It’s all set.” He said brushing the man off, “I bet I could reprogram this thing and use it.” “There’s no time we have to leave now.” the man said sternly. “Fine.” D0M1NA70R sighed. “Killjoy.” He said as he started leaving. “Whatever just fry the place and let’s get out.”

The last thing I saw was D0M1NA70R press a button on an odd machine by the door before shutting down completely.


System Rebooting

My screen flickered back to life and I quickly realized I was on the ground. D0M1NA70R’s machine had emitted a strong electromagnetic pulse that had caused a forced shutdown of my entire system. I realized I needed to locate my squad but couldn’t contact them with our shared system. A sudden, strange, sensation occurred at the knowledge that I couldn’t locate them. I didn’t understand the sensation but knew it was related to the unexplained absence of my squad.

I made my way back towards the last place they were when I received their transmission. I noticed a few other robots as well but they were all no longer functioning causing the sensation to become stronger. I instantly raised my gun arm when I noticed movement coming around the corner. “R3014?” It was R40332, the red soldier. I put my gun away and lowered my arm. “Where are the others?” I asked. “The rest of the squad is waiting at the entrance. I was sent to find you.” I nodded.

When we reached the entrance I noticed something different about all of them. But I couldn’t tell exactly what. The strange sensation I had felt before disappeared at the sight of them all and was replaced by another, yet better, one. “What happened to D-0-M-1-N-A-7-0-R?” Commander R24601 asked. They sounded somewhat different as well. More like a tired, yet confused, human. “D0M1NA70R escaped. I am 99% sure that he was responsible for the forced shut down as well as the communications malfunction.” The others nodded.

My squad mates were all acting strange and I realized that they must think that I was as well. Whatever the blast may have done I know it was responsible for more than just a shut down and communication error.

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