Old Source of Heat

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Chapter 1


Scarred from a fire
Broken from a beat
She who once was this
Now lives with comfort in the old heat.

It all began during a time that seemed so long ago
since the girl was far too young to notice her new norm
with how her chest was burning in result of this ache,
let alone the fact that scars were starting to form.

However, these scars remained invisible for a good length in time
since fights and tears masked the severity,
at least until the girl fell for this dark haired mysterious boy
which resulted in a broken heart to be her much needed clarity.

Though, I have to be honest, at the time of the heart break
the girl didn't feel like it was a blessing
because you see- she really loved this guy
and in fact, part of her always will, which leaves the girl to this day still guessing,

And at the time of crumbling into fine grains of sand
the girl felt something so painful that one couldn't even fathom,
because it was as if old scars were ripped into new wounds
that was breaking the teenager into something less than a phantom.

So though there was this ghost dancing with the girl's shadow,
she somehow met a new dark haired boy
that maybe wasn't as mysterious as the last
but really did give her a sense of newly found joy.

It was then, as she got to know him,
that the scars she had gained
and that the broken pieces that she fell into
became all that more contained.

It wasn't long after that the girl could feel the fire again inside,
but this time the fire happened to be warm and inviting-
maybe due to how the boy seemed to kiss all her scars
or maybe due to how he showed her it's okay to wait instead of constantly fighting.

Whatever it was
Whatever he did
the girl she found herself
and now no longer feels the need to keep being hid.

Scarred from a fire
Broken from a beat
She who once was this
Now lives with comfort in the old heat.


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