Hi people! This is my next group story and I only want people to sign up if they are dedicated to completing it. It could potentially be one of my last group stories, but I don't want to say that because I LOVE group stories so much! Without further ado- let us begin!

Chapter 1

Sheet O'Sign ups

by: Darsha
Here's the story ideas. (dun dun dun...)

In the late future.... a factory works to produce steel parts for larger war machinery. The workers are underpaid, overworked, and laboring in unsafe conditions. Workers are restless and enlightening ideas are secretly being spread throughout the city that the factory supports. Form a Union. Vote to strike. Gain workers rights. Eventually the strike begins and violence breaks out and the government of Gales (a dictatorship) retaliates in favor of the cooperation, gunning down the workers and working to break the union. A few radicals begin to conceive a bigger idea- complete government overthrow.

That's the basic outline of the story. Not all of the characters will be radicals in favor of revolution- most are just strikers looking for better working conditions. The differences of ideas within the Union will raise tensions.

Not all characters have to be a part of the Union. Some can be people who are completely against it, and others could be well-off managers of the factory who are working to break the strike. All characters must be in the vicinity of the factory though.

A few things you should know---

--Enlightenment ideas are spread through writing, music and art
--Governments produce a serious amount of propaganda, so be aware that the characters are going to be seriously effected by it
--Characters are going to change a lot during this story,
--Revolutions tend to be led by the younger generations, older characters are most likely going to be more conservative
--Food is an issue, people tend to support policies that keep their bellies full

Character Requirements

Nickname- (optional)
Age- 13 and older (Let's have a good range here, instead of clustering all the ages around Young Adult)
Background- (Give your character an interesting UNIQUE family and history that factors into their choices in the story!)
Political views- (Don't worry about anything from current politics- the only thing that's important is the character's ideas about the strike, union and revolution.)
Love interest-

Okeday!! I'm so excited!! Here's my character. (Ps- don't be afraid to create a family for your character, and let them be involved in the story, be specific, I LOVE reading your ideas)

Name- Andrea Gillet
Nickname- Red (don't ever call her anything else)
Gender- F
Age- 24
Personality- Highly intelligent, although she rarely thinks things through, impulsive, determined, betrays people easily for the sake of the 'greater good', hence, she doesn't keep friends easily, is very persuasive, speaks her mind and is too rash, insensitive to the feelings of others, holds deep-seated grudged, in love with the ideas of revolution,
Appearance- Has shoulder length dirty blonde hair with a faded red layer of dyed hair underneath the top layer of hair, hazel eyes, tall, bony figure. with a small chest, wears a fedora-hat-thing with a faded jean jacket over her factory uniform, has an angular face.
Background- grew up in the lower class of factory workers in a small tenant building, her parents died in a machinery accident and Red blames the factory for their deaths and for the fact she grew up in, and is still living in poverty. Has no siblings or romantic experience. Works in the factory as manager of the assembly lines, a decent job but one that she detests because she makes no more money than the average worker, and is still subject to the brutal conditions of the factory, lives in the same small apartment building that she grew up in
Political views- Red is one of the ringleaders of the strike, and a persuasive one at that. She uses her position at the factory to communicate her ideas about the strike to the workers, is one of the first unionists to turn radical and support government overthrow, will stop at nothing to achieve this
Love interest- Most likely none

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