Blessings From Yevon  (A SeymourxOC story)

Blessings From Yevon (A SeymourxOC story)

Hey guys I'm a huge Final Fantasy X fan,and I noticed that there were not enough stories about Seymour.Please feel free to tell me what you think

Chapter 1

Another Bad Breakup

"Ugh!You know what Anthony? Forget it!FORGET YOU!"I said as I angrily threw a vase at the wall.
For the fifty-ninth time I've been cheated on -and they've all been Catholic. Because I'm Catholic I can't date anyone outside the Church-which really puts a strain on my prospects.*facepalm*Ugh why...why is it so hard to find one decent quality man.....why?
As it turns out, all of that was about to change

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